Importance of Canada CRS Score
Credit: Worldwide Transcripts
Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
Reviewed by: Vakila Khan

What is the importance of CRS for the Canada PR?

Thousands of applicants apply for immigration to various countries in hope for a better life. Canada being one of the most popular destinations among Indians also receives a lot of applications. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the Canadian official department that looks after applications from international immigrants and sends invites for Canada PR. The Express entry Canada and Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) are an important part of IRCC that smoothly manages the inflow of immigrants to the country.

What is the express entry for Canada PR?

Before we understand why Canada CRS score is important for Canada PR, we must understand what express entry system for Canada is. Canada has devised this very efficient system to provide Canada PR to the international applicants. Under this system, thousands of applications are received from people across the globe who wish to settle in Canada. Then their applications are evaluated, ranked and then an invitation is sent to the selected candidates to apply for Canada PR. The candidates are selected based on their CRS score and the selection list is published as draws every 2 weeks.

What is CRS Score for Canada PR?

As mentioned in the above section, Canada receives a lot of applications from international applicants for immigration to Canada. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to evaluate these applicants and choose the best ones among them who can contribute to the country’s economy and growth. Earlier, every applicant was granted Canada PR based on a first come first serve basis. But now this system has been replaced by express entry for Canada. The comprehensive Ranking System is an important tool for express entry Canada that evaluates and gives them a Canada CRS score. According to this score, the applicants are ranked and an invitation is sent to them.

How is the CRS score calculated for Canada PR?

The comprehensive ranking system evaluates a candidate on a number of factors before a Canada CRS score is given to them. The candidates are evaluated based on following factors:

  • Age
  • Academic credentials
  • Work experience
  • English/French language proficiency
  • Past work records, etc.

It consists of a total of 1200 Points. 600 points for core skills and 600 points for additional important factors.

    1.   Core Points: Academic credentials, work experience, skills, spouse and their language proficiency, etc.
    2.   Additional Points: Valid job offer, nomination from a province, siblings having Canada PR, French language proficiency, etc.

Importance of Academic credentials in CRS score

As we saw there are two categories of points that decide Canada CRS score. The main competition is on the core points because not all the candidates can score well on the additional points. Therefore, academic credentials play an important role in CRS score in deciding your core points. A well-qualified professional having ECA report and English language test score will do better than the applicant who doesn’t have these.

What to expect if your CRS score is good?

A Canada CRS score ranging between 450 to 750 is considered good for receiving an invite to apply for Canada PR. You can check your score on the official IRCC website of the Canada government for a clear understanding.

So, are you excited about going to Canada now? Let us fill out your application for Canada express entry. We will provide your CRS score so that you can know your chances of going to Canada. Cheers.