Fast Entry in Canada
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Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
Reviewed by: Vakila Khan

A Brief Guide To Express Entry In Canada

One of the most popular immigration systems, the express entry for international workers, was introduced by New Zealand (2005) and then Australia (2012). Seeing its success, Canada also launched the Express Entry Canada in 2015 to invite skilled workers from around the world that can boost the country’s growth and economy. The express entry program for Canada is managed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In this article, let’s briefly discuss express entry in Canada.


Many people from around the world apply for Canadian immigration seeking employment opportunities in Canada. Earlier the IRCC received thousands of applications and granted permanent residency on a first come first serve basis. This imposed the problem of not getting the right skilled workers. Therefore, Canada introduced Express Entry Canada through which permanent residence status is given to selected applicants based on CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score. PR for Canada is given to the applicants via Canada Express Entry Draws every 2 weeks.

Important Points to remember

  • Express entry Canada is managed by IRCCImmigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is the official department that manages the applications of international candidates looking for Canadian PR.
  • The PR status is provided to applicants based on their CRS Score
    The comprehensive Ranking System evaluates the applicants on various factors such as their English/French language proficiency, age, qualification, work experience, etc. And the applicants are ranked based on this evaluation score. The invitation to apply (ITA) for Canada PR is sent to several candidates selected by Canada Express Entry Draws.
  • Fast processing and cost-effective
    Earlier, the applicants had to sometimes wait for 5-6 years to apply for PR. But with Express Entry Canada, the application is processed within 6 months. The Canada immigration application profile on IRCC is valid for 1 year. If the candidates do not receive ITA, they can apply in consecutive years.Though creating a profile doesn’t require any fees, the applicants might have to cover fees for

    1. ECA
    2. English language exams
    3. Document translation, etc.
  • High employment ratio
    The applicants who have received Canada PR by Canada Express Entry Draws have a high employment rate. Though getting PR doesn’t guarantee a job in Canada, you can expect to get a job opportunity based on the past records.
  • Allows entry of dependent
    Canada Immigration under the express entry allows the applicant to bring in their spouse, common-law partners and dependent children

How to apply for Canada PR via this system

The Canada immigration application via express entry Canada system is simple and completely online. A person looking to get invited for Canada PR by Canada Express entry draws needs to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1.   Check your eligibility for Express Entry Canada
  2.   Obtain English language test scores like the score of IELTS/TOEFL exams.
  3.   Get your ECA for Canada
  4.   Create a profile on the RCC website and submit your application
  5.   Wait for your invitation to apply for Canada PR by draws held every 2 weeks.

Hope this article made you excited and we believe you also want to apply for Canada express entry. If you want more information or want to apply for Canada PR, then simply fill out the form below and we will contact you now.