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Documents required for Canada Immigration

ECA for Canada

You may not be surprised to know that the top 5 languages spoken in Canada include Punjabi. Also, the total population of Canada includes 3.8% Indians. And maybe that is why Canada is considered the second home nation for Indians. For a majority of the population looking to study or work abroad, Canada is the first choice. Therefore every year IRCC i.e. International Refugee and Citizenship Canada, processes thousands of applications from India. And because so many Indians get PR in Canada every year, the immigration and PR process has been eased out for Indians in Canada as well. Let’s check out how Indians can apply for Canada Immigration and Canada PR and see what are the mandatory documents required.

How to apply for Canada PR or consider Canada Immigration?

There are basically 3 ways in which you can apply for Canada PR or consider Canada Immigration. You can go there as a student, as an employee or as a worker. While documentation is different, the immigration process is almost the same. An Indian student looking to study in Canada will require his transcript from university as one of the mandatory documents. If the student is from VTU, he will need his VTU transcript. These transcripts are to be submitted to institutes in Canada after which they can pursue their higher studies. Secondly, Indians can apply for express entry. For that, they need to do ECA for Canada. ECA or educational credential assessment is one of the processes that certifies your education from one country is equivalent to an education in another country. There are several agencies that do ECA for Canada. WES is one of the favourite agencies widely used by students from across the globe to get their educational credentials evaluated. WES is known for its quick processing time and serves major countries like the USA, Canada, etc. If students are looking agency that specifically evaluates educational credentials for Canada then IQAS is their choice. IQAS is a government service of Alberta that takes care of IRCC. Therefore it receives a huge volume of applications every month. Since there are huge applications, the processing time of IQAS is comparatively slower. In most cases, it can take up to 14 weeks.

Apart from a transcript from University like the VTU transcript and ECA for Canada, immigrants need to have their valid passport, VISA, embassy attestations in place. Also, the immigrants must understand only having all these documents in place doesn’t guarantee PR in Canada. These documents can help for immigration or express entry to study or work briefly in the nation. Having a VTU transcript or transcripts from a university in India are valid documents that can help you get admission to Canadian college and that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a Canadian PR. If you want Canadian PR, then there are certain conditions for the same. A person can become a Canadian citizen if he is a permanent resident, or if he has lived at least 3 years in Canada in the last 5 years. For complete details on how to get Canadian PR or Canadian citizenship, please visit International Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.


So mandatory checklists differ for a different purposes. While VTU transcript and transcript from the University of India are required by students to study in Canada, ECA for Canada is required by professionals to prove their educational equivalency who are seeking jobs in Canada. It is always advisable that you check the official website and get complete information on required documents as in this dynamic world everything keeps changing. But yes keep your passport in place and be in touch with the embassy attestation service. That’s it.

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