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You may not be surprised to know that the top 5 languages spoken in Canada include Punjabi. Also, the total population of Canada includes 3.8% Indians. And maybe that is why Canada is considered the second home nation for Indians. For a majority of the population looking to study or work abroad, Canada is the first choice. Therefore every year IRCC i.e. International Refugee and Citizenship Canada, processes thousands of applications from India. And because so many Indians get PR in Canada every year, the immigration and PR process has been eased out for Indians in Canada as well. Let’s check out how Indians can apply for Canada Immigration and Canada PR and see what are the mandatory documents required.

Get Your Documents Intact Like:

  1. Valid passport.
  2. VISA.
  3. Embassy attestations in place.
  4. A person can become a Canadian citizen if he is a permanent resident, or if he has lived at least 3 years in Canada in the last 5 years.
  5. Proof of residency if you live other than your country.
  6. ECA.
  7. Scanned copies of Educational certificates and all mark sheets like degree, master degree etc.
  8. IELTS.
  9. Work Experience.
  10.  Marriage certificate from Govt Organisation.
  11.  Birth certificate.
  12.  Bank Statement of Last 3 Months.
  13.  PNP forms keep in check.


There are basically 3 ways in which you can apply for Canada PR or consider Canada Immigration. You can go there as a

  1. A student,
  2. As an employee or
  3. As a worker

ECA or educational credential assessment is one of the mandatory procedures that certifies that your education from one country is equivalent to an education in another country. Evaluation bodies or ECA bodies like WES, IQAS, ECE, CES, PEBC, EP, IEE, I.E.R.F, Transcript Research, FCE, GCE, JS&A and more.

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What is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada?

  1. Express Entry.
  2. Provincial Nominee Program.
  3. Business Immigration Sponsorship.

Which document is very important?
Your Passport is an important document that proves your identity and nationality in a country abroad.

How many sets of transcripts do I need?
We advise everyone to ideally order 3 sets of transcripts:

1st set you can send for Evaluation.
2nd for your university abroad.
3rd keep intact with yourself for your own personal records.

What is Educational credential Assessment?
A ECA  report compares your academic achievements to benchmarks them in terms of their standards mostly applied in the United States or Canada. Institutions like schools, companies, licensing boards, or immigration authorities can better grasp your educational background by the information in this report.