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Is WES certificate equivalent to Canadian Marksheet? What does it look like?

Transcripts from Pune University

Many students wonder if their academic mark sheets will be considered valid in a foreign land or not. Despite getting 90% marks in their academics, students are confused about whether they will get admission to foreign institutes or whether their resumes will be shortlisted when applying abroad for jobs. This confusion is normal and should be there. Because every country has their own culture, their academic structure and their own educational standards, then how can they just accept education from another country? It doesn’t matter if someone scored 100%, if they don’t know the basics of the alphabet, then what is the use of that education? Therefore when it comes to cross country studies or employment, there should be a measure of equivalency for different countries’ educations. For this purpose organizations like WES are in place.

Validation of Certificates :-

Let us consider you completed your graduation from Pune University and want to work in Canada. Do you think your certificates from Pune University will be valid and accepted in Canada? Well, no. The first thing you need to do is get your transcript from Pune University. Your educational credential needs to be evaluated as per Canadian standards. So, you need to send your transcript to either IQAS Canada or WES to get your WES certificate. After they process your documents, you will receive a report certifying whether your education is equivalent to an education in Canada. Students must be wondering whether the WES certificate act as a mark sheet considered valid in Canada. They might be curious what does an ECA report look like. Well, attached is an image of a sample WES certificate. In this, you can get all the information on how does an IQAS Canada report or WES certificate look like.

As you can see, the WES certificate doesn’t show the marks, grades or percentage. It simply evaluates your previous completed course and generates an equivalency report as per the destination country’s standard. Whereas IQAS in some cases shows the percentage of marks equivalent to that Canadian standards.

Generating WES Certificate :-

After the transcript from Pune university is evaluated by IQAS Canada or WES, your report or WES certificate will be generated. The basic details these reports show are your name, the course completed in your home country, its US or Canadian equivalency, the date when the report was generated, etc. The report generated is valid for 5 years and can be applied for express entry to Canada. Here the IQAS Canada report shows a comparison of a BA course with the schooling in Canada. If you submit your transcripts from Pune University, you will get a report generated as per your graduation course. And similarly, if you get your transcript from Pune University evaluated from WES, you will get a WES certificate showing whether your graduation from Pune University is equal to a graduation course or master’s course or school course in Canada.

By far you must have understood that the IQAS Canada report or WES certificate is not a mark sheet designed for Canada. These are certificates that show how equivalent your education from India is as compared to education in India. But once you get your education certified, it becomes a lot easier for you to apply for foreign universities or jobs in Canada. You can apply for the IQAS Canada report by submitting your transcripts from Pune University on IQAS’s official website or the WES website. Once your documents are processed, you will get the report at your mentioned address. For further details, please contact us at our email address or simply send a Hello from the chatbox below.

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