WES certificate equivalent to Canadian Marksheet?
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Is WES certificate equivalent to Canadian Marksheet?

World Education Services (WES)

World Education Service WES is a non-profit institution that helps international immigrants, students achieve their immigration goals for job, Permanent residency or higher education in the United States and Canada. Established in the year 1974 in New York and Toronto Canada, with more than 45 years of setting standards of excellence the organisation is determined to utilise immigrants’ aptitude and calibre to help achieve their academic and professional goal.

WES Credential Evaluation

As per recent records WES evaluates more than 200000 educational credentials every year who are looking for immigration to US or Canada for Higher Education, Job or PR. WES is a proud member of National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) and Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACES)(1).
WES credential evaluation numbers have surpassed 48000 institutions/universities from 203 countries and are rising.
WES Evaluates international immigrants credentials and illustrates candidates educational credentials(2)</a > in accordance with the Canadian Education norms.

WES Certificate

The WES evaluation services evaluates and converts credentials of any country in the world into their educational system equivalent. It illustrates certificate, diploma or degree which you have obtained and displays its academic equivalency as per Canadian Educational norms(3). The details illustrated are candidates name, course undertaken as well as marks and grades obtained, it’s Canadian equivalency, date when the report was prepared,

How to get a WES Certificate?

WES Certificate is only procured from WES Portal after due evaluation of the documents submitted. Candidates pursuing for immigration have to submit an application online by creating an user id and providing the details as required in the portal and post payment of the WES fee the candidate will receive WES reference number. The document requirements vary from course to course. WES will verify your credentials, generate a precise report and deliver it to you or the intended recipient..

Documents required for WES Certificate

A candidate needs to submit documents provided by an academic institution that represents  successful completion of a specific course of study.

  • Transcripts (in a sealed envelope from university postal code )
  • Name as per passport, if name mismatch attach an affidavit signed by Public Notary.
  • Fee paid voucher.
  • Copy of Passport (colour clear).

Please send the transcript and required documents to WES postal address as mentioned in WES website through a reliable overseas postal service like Fedex, UPS, Bluedart duly mentioning your WES reference number on the face of envelope.

Validation of WES Certificate

As you can see, the WES certificate doesn’t show marks, grades obtained or percentage. It simply evaluates your already completed course and generates an equivalency report as per the Canadian Education standard. The report generated is valid for 5 years and can be applied for express entry to Canada. Candidates must be wondering whether the WES certificate acts as a mark sheet considered valid in Canada.

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Now let’s understand the steps to get WES Certificate with a simple example:

Let us consider you completed your graduation from Pune University and want to work in Canada. Do you think your certificates from Pune University will be valid and accepted in Canada? Well, no. The first thing you need to do is get your transcript from Pune University. Your educational credential needs to be evaluated as per Canadian standards. So, you need to send your transcript to WES to get your WES certificate after due evaluation of your education credentials. As soon as the Transcripts and documents are shipped to WES they process your documents evaluating further, you will receive a report certifying whether your education is equivalent to Canadian Education standards.

After the transcript from Pune university is evaluated by WES, your evaluation report or WES certificate will be generated. The basic details these reports show are your name, the course completed in your home country, and its Canadian equivalency, the date when the report was generated, etc. The report generated is valid for 5 years and can be applied for express entry to Canada. If you submit your transcripts from Pune University, you will get a report generated as per your graduation course. And similarly, if you get your transcript from Pune University evaluated from WES, you will get a WES certificate showing whether your graduation from Pune University is equal to a graduation course or master’s course or school course in Canada or not.


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WES Certificate and How to apply ?

WES Certificate is a report issued by WES after accessing and evaluating the candidate’s educational credential in accordance with Canadian education system norms. WES Certificate can be obtained by applying for and paying the required fee at WES website along with sending the transcripts/educational credentials for evaluation.

Is WES mandatory for Canada immigration?

Yes, it is mandatory for Canada immigration or for obtaining Canada Permanent Residency. However FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program ) & CEC (Canadian Experience Class) candidates are exempted from this mandatory requirement.

My course is incomplete, so can I apply for WES Evaluation?

Yes, just need to enter details of your degree/course and please remember to select ‘Incomplete’ or ‘In Progress’ option from the dropdown menu. Your credentials will be evaluated and analysed with whatever the information/documents provided. We always advise candidates to fill in complete details  for a better evaluation report.

How to get the WES report the fastest way?

WES has the fastest and the lowest tat among all other ECA body. But if a candidate submits all the required documents as per recent updates and with the required fee in complete then the time will reduce significantly.

How to check WES status?

WES hav an advanced online application tracking system wherein you can check the live-status of your application and step by step updates. Simply browse to the My Account section in the WES portal.

Have my documents reached WES or Not?

Login to your WES id and click on Check Status. If it shows Document received then it’s all good and if it shows Pending and it remains for a few days then reach out to WES Help Center or Customer Service. You must directly reach out to Worldwide Transcripts for procurement and sending your documents to WES.

My University is not listed or recognised by WES, What to do?

WES will only evaluate educational credentials from recognised/unlisted universities. No points will be credited for credentials of university not recognised by WES.

What is the validity of WES evaluation?

WES Evaluation report is valid for 5 years from the date of issue of report.


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