Credit: Worldwide Transcripts
Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
Reviewed by: Vakila Khan

Why Canada Is Preferred By Indians For Study And Work?

It doesn’t matter whether it is a pandemic or a world war. Those who are ambitious find a way to achieve their dream despite all the hurdles coming across their way. Students have always wanted to get the best of education and settle in the most advanced countries. Be it the time of Chandrasekharan or Satya Nadela, western countries have always been an attraction. Since Indian students come with a great IQ and intelligence, the westerners have eased the policies as well to give easy entry to Indians in their foreign land. While Indians are spread all across the globe, be it Japan, Russia, the US, or the UK, Canada has been the popular choice among Indian students and employees. But what is it that attracts international students from all over the world to Canada? Let’s have a look at some of the best facilities Canada provides.

Facilities that Canada can provides :-

During a recent study from IDP Connect’s New Horizon Research, almost 39% of the respondents from 55 countries preferred Canada as the first choice for their study and work. Students from India be it from DU, MU or ICAI fetch their DU transcript, MU transcript and ICAI transcript respectively and apply for higher studies in a Canadian college. They believe they will get a better education and better job opportunities there. Once they decide they want to go to Canada, embassy attestation and WES for Canada seems their first priority as they are the mandatory documents needed for Canada Immigration. Now, why Canada? Because the country is rich in culture, heritage and provides a unique amalgamation of the world population. The country provides an ambient atmosphere for young minds from around the world to innovate, prosper and grow the economy altogether. And for that country encourages youth from all around the world to come to the country, study and work.

The country provides affordable education, a better standard of living, and a multicultural environment. And probably this is why there are only a little less than a million international students studying in Canada. If you’re a CA and want to practice accountancy in Canada and want to join those half a million students then the process is very simple. Get your ICAI transcript, get it evaluated from WES for Canada, get embassy attestation and that’s it. You are halfway there. Get express entry and necessary licence and you will be able to practice accounting there too.

Conclusion :-

Apart from the optimum environment for youths, Indians already find Canada as their second home. It is because there are already a large population of Indians residing in the country. The scenario today is such that every Indian might know someone who lives in Canada. In fact, Punjabi is one of the most spoken languages in Canada too. But do you know why there are so many Punjabis in Canada? Well, there is a small story popular behind this fact. During the Queen’s rule, the Sikh regiment was responsible to maintain peace and security in Canada. When the country was liberated, the queen gave the option to stay or leave to these most Sikh forces. And a lot of them decided to stay contributing to one portion of the population in Canada as Sikh population. Since there are so many Indians, there is a better diplomatic relationship between both countries. And probably this is why WES for Canada or embassy attestation is done smoothly. Transcripts from Indian universities like ICAI transcript are the most sent transcripts to WES and IQAS, no doubt Indians prefer Canada most. So what do you think? Is Canada your most preferred destination too? Let us know by commenting below.