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WES assessment evaluates your educational documents for employment or for higher education. The World Education Service (WES) is a not-for-profit organisation that evaluates your educational credentials to ensure that your overseas education qualification is recognized in Canada. WES converts any nation’s educational qualifications in accordance with the Canadian Education system. This ensures that any certificate, diploma or degree you obtain is at par with the Canadian Educational system. For any Canadian immigration application, ECA is mandatory to apply to specific IRCC programs. IRCC has appointed WES (1) to assess degrees and certificates of courses studied outside Canada in accordance with the ECA format and norms laid.

Step by Step process to apply for WES ECA

  1. WES account creation:

    Visit WEs website at https://wes.org/ and click on “Apply Now”. You will be provided with options to select the country for which you require an ECA. 

  2. Click “Start Application” under ECA Application for IRCC and create your account. 

  3. Once a WES account is created, you will be migrated to ‘My Account section’.

    Please enter your personal information as required. Add additional details about yourself and add educational credentials for further evaluation.

    All information that you enter must be exact as it mentioned on your degree / diploma.

    Select Proper segment of WES Evaluation report.

    1. Document-by-Document Evaluation: Fresh University admissions and employment.

    2. Course-by-Course Evaluation: Detailed course analysis, grade point equivalence for transfer as well as graduate      university admissions.

    3. Evaluation for Immigration or Education Credential Evaluation (ECA)

    You can still edit your credential details at this point.


  4. Enter recipient details.

    Recipient 1 is the candidate’s address and Recipient 2 is automatically chosen as IRCC for electronic delivery of your ECA report.

    Check details very carefully and click Next.

  5. On the page, you will review the price

    Click next to proceed to the next page

  6. Shipping options:

    WES will not evaluate educational credentials shipped by candidates directly. As per the standard protocol WEs will only evaluate documents sent directly from University / Institute / Board in a sealed and signed format. Always check the address mentioned on the WES website before sending.(2)

  7. Click next to continue to the document required page:

    you will be provided Academic Records Request form which will help request your documents from University. You may now download the WES Academic Request from this page.

  8. WES postal Address where the document needs to be sent:

    World Education Service address and format. This is where you are required to courier the package. Please use the address as mentioned in WES website.(3)

  9. Review details and click next for payment page:

    Click next for payment page.

  10. Enter card details to process the payment to WES.

  11. Submit payment:

    As soon as the fee is paid and confirmed your WES reference number will be generated which is to me be mentioned on the Envelope prior sending the transcripts/credentials for evaluation to WES.

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WES Registration  is an easy process but can be troublesome if proper steps are not followed and may create unnecessary hurdles and errors. Do remember that till a certain point only you can edit your credentials or data in WES profile and post the step is crossed there is no turning back and you may not be able to edit or rectify any mistakes or omission of data. 

So Worldwide Transcripts can ease out the process by creating your WES profile with the relevant data keeping aside all errors and omissions in profile creation and application. Worldwide Transcripts can very well streamline the entire process by creating error free WES Profiles in no time and further procuring, sending and ensuring timely delivery of transcripts to WES for further credential evaluation and finalising your immigration process.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts

Being an authorised and verified source of documents, Worldwide Transcripts has partnered with 12+ evaluation bodies and has been successful in sending verified transcripts to 50+ evaluation bodies abroad. We have been a trusted name in the documentation procurement industry for over 13 years and have ties to more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24 hours.


Is WES credential assessment mandatory for Canada PR?

Yes, WES assessment is mandatory for Canada PR program of any sort, however it exempts candidates who opted for FSW Program (Federal Skilled Worker) and CEC Program (Canadian Experience Class).

WES evaluation from India possible ?

The process is quite simple. Create a WES profile, look for the kind of evaluation you want to get, pay the required fee and get the WES Reference number/download the WES form, Provide WES form to University with WES reference number and send the transcripts song with the form to WES address mentioned in website, or to avoid such hassle contact Worldwide Transcripts so that your profile is also created without any error and transcripts are also shipped to WES with the required authenticity and accuracy which is as per the laid down norms.

What is the WES form and WES Reference number ?

WES Form is the document that is provided by WEs once all the required information is correctly filled starting from name, education background till the credential assessment required for immigration. 

WES Reference number is printed / mentioned on the WES Form which is to be mentioned on all further communications with WES. It is also to be mentioned in the envelope topside which will contain the transcripts from university/institution/board. The WEs Form along with WES Reference /Number are generated only when the required WES assessment fee is paid.

How to get registered in WES ?

Registration is a very simple step. Kindly visit the url www.wes.org and click on Get Evaluation and then you can start with your registration process and going further you can get your Profile created and Evaluation done with the same registered id. You can also reach out to Worldwide Transcripts for registering, creating your profile and finally sending your transcripts from the university and then shipping it to WES for evaluation.

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