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Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
Reviewed by: Vakila Khan

How To Order E-Transcripts In 6 Ways

Electronic means provides ease of access in a secured manner to order and exchange electronic transcript or eTranscript online without having to visit universities and institutions.

Dear Aspirant, whether you are a student or a professional looking out to quickly get your eTranscript, you can easily order them online with World Wide Transcripts. With the technological advancement, the documents are also converted into electronic format to conveniently store, exchange and submit documents. eTranscripts are provided by major universities across the world.

Here are 6 answers to all your questions related to eTranscript:

What is a Transcript & an eTranscript?

A transcript is an official record of a candidate’s academic performance. It holds a complete list of all the achievements till date. eTranscripts are Officially demanded for educational, employment and immigration purposes, eTranscripts are faster and safer for storage as well as exchange.

  • eTranscript Consists of…
  • Course Unit Code
  • Attended & Passed Course Titles
  • Course Duration
  • Grades
  • Credits Gained
  • Grading System Guidelines

Authenticity of an eTranscript?

100% Authentic, eTranscripts are digitally certified official electronic transcripts. eTranscripts are considered as good as physical copies, except eTranscripts are safe from theft and damage. However, it is advisable to connect with your respective institutions and know their preferences (whether physical or electronic copy is needed) before ordering the eTranscript. It is a secured to store, access and exchange documents with DigiLocker’s advanced system.

Can I attach a document to my official transcript?

Yes, the ordering system allows you to attach documents to each of their ordering options. Like eTrancripts, Mail or Pick-up.

Is the transcript available online on request?

Yes, the Transcript is available online on request. You can follow the process by filling details, uploading form and then you receive eTranscript via our trusted electronic system. World Wide Transcripts partners DigiLocker for secured access to the database of eTranscripts.

Points to check on receiving an eTranscript

  • Date
  • Signature of the Administrative Officer
  • Stamp of the Institution

Now, that you are aware of some basic facts about eTranscripts, let’s get to know how to request your electronic official Transcript from anywhere in 3 simple steps:

  • Firstly, submit all your mark sheets, degree certificate and ECA Form to us and we will process your documents.
  • Secondly, deposit the requisite fee to the university, usually the fee also includes International Courier charges. Once verified, the university then sends the certificates to the ECA Body.
  • Lastly, once the ECA receives your Transcripts and Documents, we arrange for them to be delivered to you.
    • Turnaround Time & Ease of Access
    • The complete process of getting official eTranscripts usually takes 10-20 days depending on the University. Definitely it saves time and also saves you from the hassle of reaching your university physically and going through the tiring process of applying for eTranscript.
    • eTranscripts are adding value by simplifying and speeding up the process for your education, employment and immigration related requests and by delivering the official electronic transcript on time.

About World Wide Transcripts:-

World Wide Transcripts delivers Transcript, MOI, Degree, and Mark Sheets at the doorsteps of students and professionals across the world. Working under Gravity Integrates Pvt. Ltd. it has an exclusive network of universities, colleges, private and government institutions, embassies, ECA bodies, etc. World Wide Transcripts ensures a convenient and hassle-free process of procuring transcripts. To know more about how we can assist you in getting your transcript and documents you can write to us at or visit