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Medium of Instruction


The mother tongue of a person is the language he or she has spoken since childhood. It is the person’s only and first language. This is also true in India, where English is becoming more widely used as a school language. As a result, Indian students are denied the benefits of receiving an education in their mother tongue. However, with the backing of the National Education Policy 2020, this has already been solved.

Teachers in an English-speaking country such as the United States utilise English as the medium of instruction. Any immigrant to the United States from another nation would be required to acquire the language in order to participate in class with other students. Teachers may employ more than one medium of instruction to teach students in some types of education, such as multilingual or bilingual education.

What Is A MOI Certificate

A medium of Instruction certificate is an official recognition of your medium of language completing your educational records. The certificate is also used for employment, travel, and permanent residency in another country. It is crucial to remember that most colleges only consider it as a crucial document for students who are fully qualified for their academic degree in the English language.

Who Gives the Certificate?

You must obtain a certificate stating your preferred language of teaching from your school, college, or university in order to be admitted or hired. Candidates can request this document by submitting an official application. Numerous colleges and universities also award diplomas and degrees that specify the language of instruction on the documentation.

Importance Of MOI/What is the Need for a Medium of Instruction Certificate

  1. Medium of Instruction proves the authenticity of medium of language you pass out from
  2. Recognition for universities abroad. 
  3. Helps in applying for any employment for visa purposes.
  4. No additional online tests when you have your Medium of Instruction from your University.

Evaluation Procedure With MOI

Once all your educational degrees are verified with your Medium of Instruction from the registrar of your university your documents are then sent to your desired university or ECA for further evaluation and verification.

Documents Required

  1. Copy of Mark Sheets
  2. Copy of Degree Certificates
  3. Copy of Address Proof
  4. Copy of the Application form
  5. Id proofs

Processing Time For MOI

On an average your Medium of Instruction MOI will take about 8-10 working days to reach at your doorstep, or Worldwide transcripts will also send your MOI electronically within 24hrs!

Top University accepting Medium of instruction

  • Queens Mary University of London.
  • University of Bath.
  • University of Winnipeg.
  • University of Regina.
  • Brock University.
  • Carleton University.
  • Memorial University.
  • California State University.

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How Can Worldwide Transcripts Help In Acquiring The Medium Of Instruction Certificate?

With worldwide transcripts you can verify your credentials and request for an MOI to send to your desired ECA once your documents are verified and duly attested from your university we send your credentials directly to your ECA electronically within 24hrs! Most of the universities ask for an online test judging the prophecy of your language as per their standards.

Here’s Our Simple Procedure To Apply For The Medium Of Instruction:

  1. Fill in the enquiry form on the right side of your screen. 
  2. Once we receive your request you will be asked to submit the copy of your credentials. 
  3. Once all your documents are verified your documents are then sent to your university requesting for a Medium of Instruction.
  4. Worldwide Transcripts make sure all your documents are as per your university guidelines and send your MOI to your desired ECA.

Benefits Of Registering With Us

  1. Dedicated manager 
  2. Document Security 
  3. Live Updates 
  4. Affordable prices.
  5. WhatsApp assistance.
  6. ECA Bodies in Partnership.

Steps For Registration

  1. Carry an authorization letter from your university.
  2. Sign and submit the required details in the form. With all the scan copies of your documents.
  3. It ideally takes about 25-30 working days to receive your MOI. 
  4. Don’t forget to get regular follow ups from the university for your MOI.

A sample Of MOI!

MOI Sample


We at Worldwide Transcripts make the process simple for you. If you are working professionally or busy with some personal commitments, you might not be able to visit the university or carry on the process online.

In that case, you can simply get in touch with us. We have expert professionals who take care of each profile well and help in getting the medium of instruction certificate from the respective universities. We will be more than happy to serve you well for this purpose.

The medium of instruction serves as proof of documentation for further review. It’s a document produced by your institution that verifies the validity of a certain medium from which you studied. MOI (1) is frequently requested or referred to by UK NARIC (UK ENIC), which is now known as UK ENIC and is administered by ECCTIS. Indian universities create this document, which highlights the students’ preferred medium of study as well as other pertinent information, and send it to the appropriate universities.

Points to be Remembered - Key Take Away
  1. Submit all the attested scan copies of your documents. 
  2. When all your academic degree is from the English language there is no need for online exams like IELTS TOEFL etc.
  3. Make sure your final year marksheets are intact. 
  4. Most of the universities will not issue Medium of Instruction, in that case your documents will be procured from your college or you can directly reach out to worldwide transcripts. We will procure your MOI from your college/university in no time.
  5. There is no particular MOI letters format, it differs as per your university.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts

Being an authorised and verified source of documents, Worldwide Transcripts has partnered with 12+ evaluation bodies and has been successful in sending verified transcripts to 50+ evaluation bodies abroad. We have been a trusted name in the documentation procurement industry for over 13 years and have ties to more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24 hours. 

What is the process to get a Medium of Instruction (MOI)?

The medium of instruction requires a scan copy of the mark sheet and degree to be submitted in the university, then they will issue MOI in university letterhead stating that the course done is in English language. 

Can I change the mode of delivery to my MOI order?

In most of the cases a soft copy of the MOI is accepted as it is only required to show the language in which the course is complete but should be issued from the university in University letterhead.

How to scan oversized documents?

To scan oversized documents normal scanner apps of the phone can be used as oversized documents will not be able to scan through any other medium.

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