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Q : What is Transcripts?
A : A transcript is a detailed record of your grades or marks by your current or previous university. This is usually a document, either on paper or online, that contains a list or table of the individual modules, papers, or courses you’ve finished, together with a numerical and/or letter grade for each. It may also assign a grade to your qualification as a whole.

Transcripts differ from university to university most of the universities issue transcripts while some don’t, they issue attestation as their document proof.

Q : How do I request a Transcripts?
A : Every university has a different protocol or guidelines to be followed please check details of your university or visit our university page (hyperlink) and find details of your university.

Q : Can I send my official transcripts to more than one destination?
A : Yes, you can send to more destinations, you have to specify locations in advance and do submit the sources to be send beforehand

Q : What type of currency and payment is accepted?
A : We accept all currency and our payment gateway is Razor pay we also include, Internet Banking, and wallet payments, Paytm, Google Pay, payment through pay pal is also acceptable

Q : Institute not Present on the Website?
A : Send us an email mentioning information like: Your college and university name, year of graduation, branch and other necessary information. We’ll try to establish a process with your institute to get your transcripts for you.

Q : How to scan oversized documents?
A : Often degree certificate and university issued mark-sheets for some institutes are oversized and don’t fit our normal home scanners. We advise you to take them to a business center like FedEx/UPS stores or use a commercial scanner with document reducers. Take clear copies of the documents and send them to us. And please don’t use cam scanners for scanning documents.

Q : Do we ship to multiple Addresses?
A : Yes, we do depending on the university or ECA bodies for the purpose which you are applying.

Q : WES/IQAS/ICAS/ICES how important is these forms?
A : If you are planning to move to any other country for reasons like education, immigration, etc. then it is very important that you need to get all your education certificates assessed by an authorized organization these forms helps you to get your documents verified avoiding any type of malfunctioning in the future.

Q : Do we need to send degree with transcripts to be sent?
A : For WES you can upload straight to their website and for other ECA you have to send directly, you should try to talk about your degree in advance

Your university might keep your degree or not

please check university TAT from our executive before proceeding.

Q : How much time will it take to process my official transcripts?
A : Universities usually take 20-25 working days to issue transcripts, some take less time than usual vice-versa. But usually most university take 20-25 working days on an average. You have to check the TAT in advance by our executive.

Q : Can someone else come and pick up a Transcripts for me?
A : when you order with us, we pick up & ship. It is not possible to sent to someone else we can help you to courier to your desired address.

Q : My official Transcripts has not reached its destination what to do?
A : There are two facilities which Indian university provide –

They send courier from their behalf like PTRSU, APJ Abdul kalam university, MDU etc.

Whereas, most of universities do provide the sealed envelope from our end from university post office, like Pune university, Delhi university etc.

if they have already sent from their end then we have to wait as rarely the university provide POD (Proof of Delivery).

and if it has dispatched from the university via our services then we do provide the POD from through which you can track.

Q : Why do we ask for clear documents?
A : Source and recipient institutions have strict document requirements to issue transcripts. Applicants often send us documents which are either photos, blurred unreadable copies of the original, truncated documents with one of the edges and/or content missing, the scanned document is too small as compared with the original. University Seal is truncated or missing. Dark/light/shiny patches and shadow on the documents.

Any of the above documents are not fit to issue transcripts and often leads to rejection and thus wastage of your valuable time and money. To avoid this, we request you to send clear scan copies of the documents.

Q : Do we ship internationally?
A : Yes, you need to specify in advance with the complete address on email during booking.

Q : How many sets should I order?
A : We advise everyone to ideally order 3 sets,

1st set you can send to ECA body
2nd for your own records
3rd keep with yourself pack intact to send it to university in other case.

Q : My college is closed but university which was affiliated is still there who will issue me the transcripts?
A : Transcripts will be issued by the university your college was affiliated to. Your records should be there in that your assistance is required otherwise we can’t help you directly

Q : What is Our process?
A : Our Support group takes 2 working days to review your application and prepare the application package to be submitted to the university. University might take 3-7 working days to review, validate your documents and give us an expected date, when your application will be ready.

Q : How do we send Electronic Transcripts to Foreign Evaluation bodies?
A : Yes, we can send electronic transcripts to foreign evaluation bodies by following processes –

Firstly, we need scanned copy of the documents of the transcripts from the university directly once we receive the envelope in a sealed format then we send it electronically through our EDI channel. So, it is important for us to receive these documents from the source

Secondly, if you have a DigiLocker account then it would be much easier for us to source the documents and send it digitally.

Q : Do we also send Electronic transcripts to Universities?
A : Yes, we do send e-transcripts to universities as we do it for the different evaluation bodies.

Q : Help desk of Worldwide Transcripts?
A : SPOC –

Q : What is the standard timeline for the process of transcripts?
A : Generally, they take 20-25 working days on average, although there are many universities we can procure on a week time and at times it can stretch for 60-90days.

Q : What documents required for transcripts?

A : There are documents list required for Transcripts –

All Year/Semester Mark sheets
Consolidate Mark sheets
Provisional/Degree Certificate
ECA Form (If Any)
ID Proof

Additional marksheets –

10th and 12th Mark sheets
Internship Certificate
Transcript Form
Migration Certificate

Q : Can I get transcripts on the basis of consolidated marksheets? (on the basis of single marksheet)
A : It varies from university to university, some universities make, and some don’t on the basis of consolidated marksheets so it is very important that we have all the semester and yearly marksheets separately.

Q : Which ECA body I should prefer for Canadian immigration?
A : We will not be the write people to guide you on this, this has to be your personal choice, depending on your final objective. So, on this matter please have a good research and then proceed.

If you are still confused about it please feel free to contact our executive (e-mail address) they will guide you through the process.

Q : What if I have lost one of the marksheets can I still get the transcripts?
A : Yes, definitely you can get the transcript but it is important to issue your lost marksheets, for getting issued you lost marksheets you can contact our team they will help you out.

Q : How to issue duplicate marksheets or degree?
A : If you have lost marksheets or degree or there is some other problem like theft, or fire in every case you have to have an FIR in place, so FIR can be issued online or physically post getting the FIR, you can give FIR to our executive with the remaining marksheets you have and degree certificate and then we can move ahead with the lost marksheets

Q : Can I get my Transcripts on the basis of my degree as it don’t have my marksheets in place?
A : No, we need all your marksheets even your backlogs if any and complete degree, all the photocopies in a clear scan format would be required for issuing any kind of transcripts.

Q : My university issues hardcopy of transcripts but I want to send electronically, is it possible?
A : Yes, your university issues hardcopy of transcripts and if those ECA body where you want to send is in our partners list. Then you can just send hardcopy to us and we will send your documents electronically.

Q : My one course is recognized in WES but other course is not, what should I do?
A : If you face such crises, then we would prefer the bodies were both the courses are recognized, incase you have already applied with WES and you released later that they will not recognized your degree in that case you have the option to register your second course from other evaluation body (you can take 2 evaluation bodies) and get your evaluation done but, in both the situations you have to send your Graduation and Post-Graduation marksheets.

Q : I have generated my reference number now, what is the deadline to submit the transcripts?
A : Post your reference number is generated if your order is placed with us then you have to share the ECA body form and will start submitting on your behalf to the universities, post submission and post verification of documents in the university it takes generally 20-25 days on an average.

Q : Do we require to evaluate both masters and graduations transcripts to evaluations bodies?
A : Generally, evaluation bodies taking masters and evaluating on the basis of that but if you are doubtful if your masters will not be taken as masters then you should evaluate both. Secondly, if you are planning for PNP further it has to be evaluated both. Otherwise you can just go for your masters degree

Q : Who will be the primary applicant & advantages? (Husband & Wife)
A : If you are applying as co-habitant or as husband and wife then anyone can be primary applicant but it is always advised to keep the primary applicant as a person who can score more marks now the person who can score more marks is the person who has Post Graduation or Phd degree and who has more experience and whose age is less so it completely depends on evaluation

Q : Can I upload degree by myself in WES?
A : Yes, you can upload the degree by yourself its an easy process, you can just browse it and can upload it on your own.

Q : Whose address to be mentioned on transcripts envelope if you applied for any ECA?
A : You have to mention the address of the ECA bodies where you are sending the transcripts.

Q : Where can I request for my transcripts form?
A : Ever university has a transcripts form, if your university has a transcript form then it is available on our client panel, you can find on

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