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The importance of translation in our everyday life is much more multi -faceted than as we feel. Yes, English is a language that is very much everywhere. It is the third most widely spoken language in terms of native speakers. It is equal to about 450 million people. So if a person can speak English as a second language, it is probably the most popular language in the world.

What is a Translation Service ?

As already known to all, English is a widely spoken language. However, many of those numbers are made up of people who speak English as another language. This would mean that most people would really answer better if they speak in their native language. These people understand English.  But until you speak the language that speaks their heart (their native language), you are not really communicating with them in the most effective way.

Most people just like their native language. This is what they are most comfortable with and it shows in their confidence when they are speaking. This is why we need translation, this allows people to communicate more efficiently and thus ideas are communicated in the most effective way..

Why is Translation Service Important ?

One of the major benefits acquired from translation is that a larger set of audience can be reached. Translation can help organisations around the world expand their brands, convey their mission, vision and purpose as well as goals to people around the world. You will be able to explore the markets you did not dare to in the past. With the translation, you will be able to open new arenas of probability that will help you in upcoming years. It also helps in creating a common understanding as IT is growing at a faster pace nowadays. The world is a global village and geo-limits are no longer an issue when it comes to enabling business overseas. The only gap we could visualise is the language barrier. These businesses need quality and fast translation services(1) in order to communicate effectively to grow their business. With such a demand, translation is bound to last for ages to come.

Need of Translation services

Translation is crucial for spreading information, facts and notions across the globe. It also facilitates authentic communication between different cultures. In the practice of spreading new information, translation holds power to change history. So it’s imperative that the Translation(2) work is done from a trustworthy source so that the errors and omissions can be averted. There can be a requirement of translation of a wide variety of documents be it Birth certificate or Educational certificates. Mentioning here are a few documents with reference to Immigration that are required to be translated to the required language they are Marriage certificate, birth certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, Educational degrees, diplomas, course certificates, Customs documents, Driver’s licence, citizenship cards, passports, ration cards, visa copies, residence permits, Bank statements, tax receipts, TDS certificates, experience certificates, salary certificates, Utility bills,  electricity bill, landline/mobile phone bill, Credit card bill, Documents related to Land (registration), Wills, sale deeds, partnership deeds, Prescriptions, medical reports.

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Translation service : Language based

For proper communication around the globe we desperately need translation in some or the other way. Language based translation can be of regional to regional language, regional to foreign language, foreign language to foreign language and can be vice versa. Worldwide Transcripts is one of the service providers who deliver accurate  language translation services accompanied by assurance of data confidentiality and security. There are many languages in which translations may be required. But predominantly in Indian context translations can be necessarily from :

Hindi to English

English to French

Punjabi to English

English to Chinese

Marathi to English

English to Spanish

Urdu to English

English to German

Bengali to English

English to Italian

Gujarati to English

English to Japanese

Odia to English

English to Korean and vice versa

Professional and Certified Translation The Professional translation will take you above and beyond the most familiar way of translation. Always do invest in professional / certified translation services. Translation errors can raise serious concerns for your business. Professional certified translation will allow you to get rich, clear perspective and an accurate translation for documents to share with those you are connected with. It is always recommended to get Certified Translation of the documents and in some cases requirement of Legalised Translation is raised. In case of Canadian Immigration ‘Certified Translations’ that are legalised are required for further processing and application. Certified Translation: Certified translation of any language (e.g. English-German, Marathi-French, Assamese – English, etc.) is provided with word to word accurate translation, certified to be true and correct as per the original along with the attestation stamp and signature on letterhead of the translator. Certified translations are usually accepted in Government offices, Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions, Banks, In embassies/Consulates for the visas and residence permits of countries like UK, US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, France and many more. (3)
  • SWORN Translation
With regards to Spanish and French translation there is a specific requirement that French translation is only to be carried out by a Translation agency / organisation approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation in case of Spanish SWORN Translation and the samey way for many other European countries where SWORN Translation is accepted where documents possess legal requirement or any document which  prove any of the legal implication. To brief in short ‘SWORN Translations’ are translated documents which are duly signed and sealed by professional translators who are authorised to perform this role. These linguists have to make a legal endorsement that permits them to provide official translations. Sworn Translations ensure that documents are translated word to word and carry the equal legal value in different jurisdictions. There are circumstances where legal documents need to be certified by SWORN Translators.(4)

Types of Translation

The common types of translation services required in the market are as mentioned:

  1. Professional Translation.
  2. Technical Translation.
  3. Administrative Translation.
  4. Literary Translation.

    1. Professional Translation: It’s a kind of translation that is specifically used for Professional Purpose. A few examples of it being medical translation, legal translation, where the main motive is usually to translate all the information / document into another language with full accuracy. Accuracy of the information provided plays a vital role in this field as the consequences could be huge and the intended information may not be provided which could create a catastrophe such as in medical or legal translation requirements. In this case a lot of business jargon is used or a certified translation is required.

    2. Technical Translation: As the name suggests they are technical in nature. We usually discuss documents related to business such as Technical training material, User manuals or instruction manuals, Engineering documentation. These kinds of documents need technical translation service due to the sure nature of the document as the translator must be well versed of the topic/subject matter. They also must understand the format and images that have to be translated to the target language. These matters are quite complicated and require specialists in their field.

    3. Administrative Translation: It is a kind of translation which is predominantly used for management and organisational texts and journals, corporate documents, in regional businesses as well as in national level. It is a part of Professional translation, but not all translations are administrative in nature.

    4. Literary Translation: IT is a kind of translation which refers to translation of literature, stories, poems, plays, acts etc. These transactions are comparatively tough to be done as the translator noly needs to be good to comprehend but also should have the knowledge of both languages to translate a piece of work, emotion and humour in the same way as depicted.


Even today there is a great need for translation in our world. Our multicultural and multilingual world is in a place where it is demanding clear and efficient communication between languages ​​and cultures. Companies, schools, medical missions all benefit from the inclusion of translations. Not only will you be able to reach more people than those ever felt, you will be able to connect with them at a more effective level through the power of translation.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts

Being an authorised and verified source of documentation we have been successful on delivering translations to hundreds of clients till date, We have been a trusted name in the documentation procurement industry for over 13 years and have ties to more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24 hours. 

What is Certified Translation?

According to the criteria set by the American Translators Association, "A certified translation is a translation that is supplemented by a signed statement certifying that the translation is true and according to the knowledge and ability of the translator." It is also recognized as a "certificate of accuracy" and is prepared by the translator. This certification guarantees that the work is up to the highest standard.

What is a SWORN Translation?

A sworn translation must be supported by the signature along with the seal of a sworn translator. These translators have a special authorization by Foreign Office to translate official documents, which means they have a formal status by the authorities. An SWORN translation is certified to be equivalent to the original source document, and has the similar legal value. A variety of documents may require an oath translation: civil certificates, testaments, notary contracts, technical, legal or administrative documents, diplomas, scholarly certificates, company statutes, and many others.

Why should I get a Certified Translation of my documents?

It is suggested that one should always pick for Certified Translation Services, especially when pursuing to travel abroad. However, translation does not serve the entire purpose. The main reason why you should be getting yourselves a certified and authorised translation is to not only safeguard your documents’ integrity but also to provide a legal record. Certified translations give a pledge to the authorised body that your documents have been translated in the approved manner, which further increases the success rate of your request.

What all documents are Certified Translated?

Birth Certificate, Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Education certificates, Mark sheets, Degree certificates, Transcripts, Apostilled documents, Driver’s licences, citizenship cards, passports, ration cards, visa copies, residence permits, Bank statements, tax receipts, TDS certificates, experience certificates, salary certificates, Utility bills, (electricity bill, landline/mobile phone bill, Credit card bill, etc.) Land related documents, Will, sale deeds, partnership deeds, Prescriptions, medical reports.

Is it possible to maintain the page layout?

We guarantee that the document's original layout will be preserved. We work on the original document by scripting the text without changing the style or format. We can maintain the layout of the same via DTP service for no extra cost. Adding further Proofreading & checking is done by qualified translators and when found accurate it is finally approved for transmitting electronically & by post.

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