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Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
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Send and receive official electronic Transcripts in 3 Simple ways

Official Electronic Transcripts

As the technology grows, so do the opportunities to use it to our benefits. Electronically sending and receiving official transcripts is of high safety and security. Online document exchanges are rapid and easy, and they also make it easier to manage physical copies and their records. This makes the documents easily transferable be it for your education, employment houses, study, Permanent residency, embassies, Govt. Houses & corporations any other such documents for Citizens, students, foreign Nationals, or employment-seeking professionals.

With effective use of academic credentials overseas it makes more inclined in knowing the role of Academic Transcripts

Why Is An Academic Transcript Required?

  1. Academic credentials act as a proof of your documents pertaining to any course or degree or employment overseas.
  2. An official transcript holds a record of all your semester or yearly grades procured throughout the academic secession.
  3. With different grading systems of different universities it makes it more crucial to document and send transcripts online as per your desired university norms.
  4. An academic transcript holding all the records makes it easier for evaluation and verification to your desired ECA.

How To Send Official Transcripts To Universities?

Knowing what academic Transcripts is let us learn about How to send these official transcripts to university:

  1. Manual Procurement – Manual Procurement of your transcripts comes with a hectic and time taking process, with all those long queues processing timeline of indian university is a cumbersome process. Which might delay your application  process to move abroad.
  2. Electronic Transcripts via Worldwide Transcripts – As the name signifies transcripts which are send electronically directly from your university to your ECA verified by your university guidelines, worldwide transcripts being partners to various evaluation bodies and universities abroad helps you in sending your electronic transcripts verified from the registrar of your university within 24hrs.

A sample Of Academic Transcripts!

Transcripts Sample - Worldwide Transcripts
Transcripts Sample - Worldwide Transcripts

How To Send Official Transcripts To US Universities?

Being the prior source of your documents make sure to have all your documents verified, you can either apply on your own or you can take help from a reliable source which will make your documentation process easily accepted by your university.

While sending your credentials to US universities, Keep the following documents intact: 

  1. Transcripts
  2. MOI
  3. LOR
  4. IELTS Score
  5. Valid Passport
  6. Evidence of funds.
  7. Personal Statements

While you are up with all your documents now you can apply from following evaluations services in the US:

  1. WES (US)
  2. EP
  3. Josef Silney and Associates
  4. ECE US
  5. GCE
  6. One Earth
  7. IEE
  8. I.E.R.F
  9. Transcripts Research
  10. ACEI

How To Send Official Transcripts To UK Universities by UCAS?

UCAS is used by the majority of UK universities to accept student applications and critical paperwork. You can maintain your application and documentation in one location through UCAS while applying to many universities at once. International students are frequently expected to transfer their transcripts directly to the institution or college.


UCAS initially compares the exam entry data with the credentials indicated on your application after obtaining your results. The colleges and universities you have gotten offers from will thereafter receive your transcripts. You must transfer your transcripts directly to the institution if your qualifications are not mentioned on UCAS.

How To Send Official Transcripts To Canada Universities Using WES?

  1. Make sure you have complete records of your documents.
  2. Register yourself in WES before applying for the transcripts in the university, On receiving the confirmation from WES you can directly apply to your university.
  3. Now, when you receive the confirmation you can apply to your university directly, which will be a hectic process, while you can directly reach a reliable source and send your transcripts electronically.
  4. When your transcripts are prepared, the university can directly send them to WES electronically, or you can dispatch it from the university postal address only.
  5. Once the transcripts are reached to WES, it takes about 20-25 days to give a score on the basis of which your admission will be processed
    A quick guide to WES evaluation!

Benefits Of Official Transcript Electronically:

  1. The most important part of Electronic transcripts is that it is time saving
  2. It reduces the risk factor of document mis-handing.
  3. E-transcripts can be sent to multiple ECA bodies whereas we have to apply for separate sets for each ECA body or university.
  4. E-transcripts can be sent to any Foreign universities or ECA bodies as and when required.
  5. Indian Universities are also providing official transcripts electronically faster than hard copies of transcripts.
  6. Electronic transcripts risk factor of rejection is lesser than hard copies of transcripts.
  7. There is no such issue of return of documents which we mostly see in shipments of hard copies of transcripts and again we have to send the same but electronic transcripts are sent end to end.
  8. E-transcripts are way cheaper than sending hard copies of transcripts. As the shipping charges get increased if you have done multiple courses.
  9. Students can keep official transcripts copies to their depositary and can use them when desired.
  10. Official electronic transcripts are now accepted by most of the university and ECA.

Electronic Transcripts Exchange Highlights:

➩ Easy to use for sender and receipient.

➩ They are Quick and reliable.

➩ Secure option to receive official transcripts electronically.

➩ Easy accessibility.

➩ Tracking details and status updates.

➩ Quick turnaround time.

The Do’s & Don’ts For Sending Official Electronic Transcripts:

✅ Keep your Credentials In check before Applying.

✅ Get your ECA registration done.

✅ If you have your transcripts at the time you pass out, apply for new transcripts as Canadian
regulations keep on changing.

✅ Every ECA body will not accept Transcripts from Every University, Select your ECA wisely.

✅ Apply for your e-transcripts at the earliest.


❌ Don’t apply for Fake Certificates.

❌ Don’t Apply directly If you have Incomplete records. Worldwide Transcripts can help you in getting
all your documents from University.

❌ Don’t send your Transcripts on your own, verify them from the source and get it delivered.

Services Worldwide Transcripts Offer For Send And Receive Official Electronic Transcripts

  1. Worldwide transcripts can help you with your verification process of your official transcripts and get it certified from the registrar of your university.
  2. With our digital exchange depository your documents are secured with an availability on and whenever required.
  3. Worldwide transcripts partners to 12+ evaluation bodies and profoundly sending your transcripts to 50+evaluation services makes a quick delivery of your official transcripts around the globe.
  4. Our reasonable costing of official transcripts one of the best parts is to deliver your transcripts.

Documents Required For Transcript:

  1. All Year/Semester Mark sheets, including 10,12 Mark sheets.
  2. Degree/Passing Certificate.
  3. Consolidated Mark sheet.
  4. Provisional Certificate.
  5. ECA Form.
  6. Aadhar Card/ Passport.

Processing Time – It takes about 24hrs to send your official transcripts electronically. And wi

th manual procurement of your official transcripts, that average is about 15-20 Working days that differs from university to university.

You can reach us directly at +91 9340899870 or bd@worldwidetranscripts.com

Worldwide Transcripts Step-By-Step Procedure Of Sending Electronic Transcripts:

  1. When we receive your request for transcripts our team on board starts the procurement process on your behalf.
  2. We procure each semester’s mark sheet and degree for submission.
  3. E transcripts are official transcripts but in E-format to ease out the process and increasing the genuineness of the documents.
  4. We approach the university and get the application for transcripts to be submitted to the university.
  5. As your documents are verified, we then send it to the desired university electronically by our integrated system.
  6. Once your documents are received at your desired university, your journey abroad begins!

Procuring transcripts directly from your transcripts is a hectic and cumbersome process with multiple visits, long queues and other challenges that lead to delay in procurement of your application process. Worldwide transcripts ease out the process by verifying your documents directly from your university and sending transcripts electronically to your desired destination within 24hrs.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts?

Worldwide Transcripts have been on the documentation procurement trusted firm since 14 years and with tied up with more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24hrs, be it high school transcripts, college transcripts, university transcripts, being an authorised and verified source of documents Worldwide Transcripts  partnered with 12+ evaluation body and been successful in sending transcripts to 50+ evaluation bodies abroad.

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How to send transcripts electronically
We need a sealed copy of Transcripts from University Pincode or through official email. You need to get in touch with your university or you can directly reach us and we will send your transcripts electronically within 24hrs!

How to send college transcripts to other colleges?
College transcripts are usually not required, but it comes into effect if your college is autonomous. If required it will follow the same process as to send electronic transcripts.

How to get the High School transcripts?
You need to connect to your state or central board or you can reach us directly, we will do it on your behalf.

How can I see my transcript online?
Worldwide transcripts provide you with tracking ID details as soon as your transcripts are dispatched from us. Alternatively if Electronic Transcripts are send , you will get real time update from our team once it is received from recipient body.

What is the scanned documents requirement?
Worldwide transcripts don’t require your originals, we work on your scanned copies of each semester marksheets and final degree.

How to scan oversized documents?
There are few universities whose documents are oversized, you can use online tools available like docscanner. But, just make sure your documents are scanned correctly.

My college is closed now, but the university I was affiliated to is there. Who will issue me the transcripts?
Your university will issue your transcripts.

How do I contact Worldwide Transcript?
You can reach us directly at +91 9340899870 or bd@worldwidetranscripts.com.

How much does a Worldwide Transcripts Service Cost?
Our cost are reasonable but it does varies It varies as per your university cost while your official electronic transcripts will cost you around 499/-* INR.