Credit: Worldwide Transcripts
Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
Reviewed by: Vakila Khan

Electronic Transcript Certificate: Steps To Apply For An Online Transcript

Every student going for studies abroad is confused about where to apply for transcripts from. While a majority of students don’t know what transcripts are, it is also a relatively lesser-known term for students seeking admission abroad. And that is why the transcript application process is seldom talked about. When applying to foreign universities, many students find it difficult to apply for their transcript certificate either online or by visiting their respective universities. Therefore in this article, we are going to guide students on how to apply for transcripts online.

What are transcripts and electronic transcripts?

For those who don’t know, transcripts are special educational documents that are similar to a marksheet. Transcripts contain all the academic information of the student like name of student, college, course, enrolment number, subject list in the entire course along with marks obtained, etc. It is a single piece of document which are handed over to the student in a sealed envelope. Online transcripts or electronic transcripts are meant to be sent directly to the receiver such as the university or WES.
Transcript certificates are mostly required by students seeking admission to universities abroad. The universities ask students to submit their academic transcript along with the application form. Or students apply for transcripts to obtain their ECA certificate.

Steps/Procedure: How to apply for online transcripts?

There are various ways in which a student can apply for their transcript certificate. The students have the option to visit their university and apply physically, apply online or contact transcript services. Applying for online transcripts is one of the easiest and most convenient ways. The students can apply online by following the steps.

  1. Visit the official website of the university and look for the transcript application section. Each university has a different section and students need to check for the same on their respective university websites.
  2. Once you find the link for the online transcript application, you can log in with your username and password. For many universities, the default username is the enrolment number and a password is a mobile number. If there are no default usernames and passwords, then you might be asked to create an account with desired credentials.
  3. When you are successfully logged in, fill in the correct details in the application form
  4. Upload the self-attested scanned copies of required documents such as mark sheet, offer letter, photographs, degree certificate, etc. You can check what other documents are required from your university’s website.
  5. Pay the online transcript processing fees and submit the application.

Important things to remember while applying for an online transcript

  • Mention the address correctly where the transcripts are to be delivered. You can choose your address or the address of the foreign university you are applying to. The shipping cost has to be borne by the student.

  • Upload clearly scanned copies of the required documents (and not the camera pictures) to avoid any further issues.

  • Keep the application reference number safely till the transcripts are delivered.

Transcript Services

Transcripts are important documents and errors in an application can affect studies or employment opportunities abroad. Therefore, students are recommended to contact transcript services in cases where they find it difficult to apply for online transcripts by themselves. Worldwide transcripts is one of the premium transcript service providers having an excellent track record. For all your academic documentation needs, contact worldwide transcripts.