Embassy Certificate Attestation Importance And How To Apply

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embassy attestation

Safety and security are the first priority of any nation. Be it the safety of the country from intruders or security of the domestic businesses from forgery, the country has many security measures to curb any breach to them. While the defense forces protect the country at borders, the officials do their job to protect the country within. And while many don’t pay proper attestation to it, the embassy attestation is one such process that can ensure the safety of businesses and citizens of the country.

What is embassy certificate attestation?

People have to travel abroad for several reasons. Whether they can travel for studies, jobs, and business or as a tourist. For such travels, flight tickets are not the only thing required. A person may need a marriage certificate, business incorporation certificate, academic transcripts, Visa, passport, and many such important documents. To prevent forgery, the documents need to be verified and certified as authentic and genuine. This process of verification and certification of documents, right from the issuing department to the embassy of a foreign country, is called embassy certificate attestation. There are many embassy attestation services that can do this job for you.

Why is it important for going abroad?

As mentioned earlier, every nation does its job to protect its citizens and businesses. So embassy attestation can be considered the first possible tool that serves this purpose. When the embassy certifies any document from the applicant, they make sure the visitor to their country is going for a valid reason. Since embassy certificate attestation is the final step of attestation, a couple of checks are also made at the issuing department and MEA as well. This ensures errors in checking the documents are minimized.

Who does the embassy certificate attestation?

Embassy attestation is a long and complicated process as it has to go through multiple layers of checking. First, the applicant needs to apply for certificate attestation from the issuing department. For example, in the case of business documents, the respective chambers of commerce will attest the documents first and in the case of educational documents, the HRD embassy attestation is required i.e. transcripts will be attested by the HRD department of the state.

For all the educational documents such as degree certificates, academic transcripts, etc., HRD embassy attestation is a must. Having documents verified by HRD with the seal and signature of the HRD officials means your documents are valid and legal.

Then the second step is an attestation by the officials of MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). Once they have certified the documents that they are proper and genuine, they will be forwarded for final embassy attestation. The representative officials of the respective country will do the embassy attestation. For example, if you want to go to Canada, the officials from the Canadian embassy will certify your document.

How to apply for embassy certificate attestation?

You can either apply for certificate attestation from various departments yourself by visiting the respective department offices and submitting photocopies of the documents along with the originals. Since it is a time taking process, we recommend contacting embassy attestation services. The attestation services are professionals and will do your bit of hassle of getting the documents attested. They will be able to deliver the certified documents on time as well. Simply contact Worldwide transcripts and submit your requirements. That’s it.

How much time does it take to do certificate attestation?


Since a lot of government departments are responsible for document attestation, the processing time to verify and certify a document can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. In many cases, it can be done within 5 to 10 working days as well. A number of factors determine the duration of document attestation such as who the issuing authority is, which country it is required for, are there any public holidays in between, etc. It is recommended to get your certificate attestation processed way before you apply for foreign travel.


By now you must have understood why embassy attestation of documents is very important when going abroad. And you must have learnt what different steps of embassy attestations are. So, if you need attestation of your documents, fill in the enquiry form below and we will get back to you soon.

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