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Everything You Need To Know About Credential Evaluation

Everything you need to know about credential evaluation

Everything You Need to Know about Credential Evaluation

Due to globalization, educational opportunities are endless. You can go anywhere in the world to study what you love and advance in that field. Institutions from all over the world welcome international students who show excellence and merit in their work.

However, degrees and courses differ from one country to another. This is where credit evaluation comes in. You need to look into education credential evaluation services right away if you’re thinking of abroad for your higher education. Most people do not know what credit evaluation is and can find the process confusing. Here’s all you need to know about it –

What is credit evaluation?

Credential evaluation is when academic and professional courses earned in one country are compared to those achieved in another. Institutions, colleges, and experienced recruiters worldwide use credential evaluation to gauge foreign education against their own.

It helps them judge an applicant and his history to see if he is fit for the applied course or job. Many immigrants use credential evaluation from India to show proof of their studies completed outside the country they are moving to. It helps them join the workforce as skilled immigrants and sustain their livelihood right away.

On the other hand, international students use credential evaluation to document their previous coursework and gain admission into the world’s top international universities.

What are the different types of credential evaluations?

There are mainly three different types of credential evaluations, and let’s discuss all three of them in detail to know more –

  • Course by Course Credential
  • Evaluation Educational Credential Evaluation
  • Professional Work Experience Evaluation

All three of them are different and fulfill different purposes. You should educate yourself about all three of them to know the one that would be ideal for you.

Course by Course Credential Evaluation
The course by course credential evaluation report analyses and defines every diploma/certification and gives an equivalency for each document, respectively. It displays the details of education, courses taken, credit hours, final grades, degrees, and cumulative academic performance in terms of your host country’s educational system.

Since most people seek out an education in the United States, the country generally works in terms of semester credits and a grade point average on a 4.0 scale. A course by course credential evaluation is generally required for college admissions, determining transfer credits.

Educational Credential Evaluation
The educational credential evaluation report outlines and records the educational institutions attended and the education credentials that you have earned in a foreign country and lists their U.S. equivalent. It can be a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate, etc.

Many educational credential evaluators India provide these services because the evaluation is frequently used in employment, immigration matters, and university admission. It is mainly used in places where transfer credit is not needed. You can avail the help of education evaluation services to ensure that your report is up to the mark.

Professional Work Experience Evaluation
The professional work experience credential evaluation is given for immigration purposes to people applying for H-1B visas in the United States of America.

This credential evaluation report assesses both an individual’s professional work records and educational credentials to ascertain a Bachelor’s degree equivalency. Note that a professional work experience evaluation cannot be utilized for educational or licensure purposes.

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