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Know more about the foreign bodies evaluation process

Evaluation Process

Due to globalisation, educational opportunities are endless. You can go anywhere in the world to study what you love and advance in that field. Institutions from all over the world welcome international students who show excellence and merit in their work.

However, degrees and courses differ from one country to another. This is where credit evaluation comes in. You need to look into education credential evaluation services right away if you’re thinking of going abroad for your higher education. Most people do not know what credit evaluation is and can find the process confusing. Here’s all you need to know about it. 

The type of Credential evaluation also differs with countries and the purpose. For the USA and Canada, the process of credential evaluation focuses on detailed analysis course by course or document by document depending upon the admission organisation’s requirements.

Evaluation Process are on the Basis of -

  1. Course By Course Evaluation
    The course by course credential evaluation report analyses and defines every diploma/certification and gives an equivalency for each document, respectively. It displays the details of education, courses taken, credit hours, final grades, degrees, and cumulative academic performance in terms of your host country’s educational system.

    Since most people seek out an education in the United States, the country generally works in terms of semester credits and a grade point average on a 4.0 scale. A course by course credential evaluation is generally required for college admissions, determining transfer credits.
  1. Document By Document – 
    A General Evaluation or ‘document-by-document’ evaluation report identifies the Institution Attended, Your attendance date, Credentials Received and other such details. 


Evaluation Bodies to Choose From -

WESWES(1) is the most broadly liked surveying body because of the ease and effortlessness of the procedure. It takes approx 30-45 days for the assessment and to give the ECA report after accepting all the necessary records. The time duration is way quicker than some other surveying bodies who take a long time for an assessment  

CES – The Comparative Education Service (CES)(2), a part of the University of Toronto and is a Canadian evaluating body for Educational accreditation assessment. The preparation time of this evaluating body ranges 10 to 14 weeks

IQAS – The Albertan assessing body is approved by IRCC to assess the candidate’s educational qualifications. Similarly, it has a reputation of not tolerating accreditations from foundations that fail to demonstrate their authenticity. For instance, sometime after WES chose to dismiss applications from explicit colleges, IQAS(3) followed the path and expelled those educational establishments from its list

EP – Educational Perspective one of the most preferred bodies in the US, It ideally takes about 25-30 days for evaluation, Worldwide Transcripts has been official partners to EP(4) to make the evaluation process much simplified. 

ECE – Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) provides this service. ECE(5) creates evaluation reports that outline the American equivalents of degrees and diplomas obtained abroad. One of the highest professional and preferred evaluation bodies, It takes a standard timeline of 3 weeks for rush services your documents can be evaluated within 5 working days.

FCE – One of the preferred evaluation bodies under accreditation of AICE, It takes about 5-7 working days. To get your documents evaluated from your desired university. 

GCE – The commitment and dedication of GCE towards their clients which is immensely appreciable, and National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES®), certified evaluation firm provides timely delivery of services makes a distinct feature from all. It takes about 5-7 working days to get your documents evaluated. 

IEE –  They evaluate your documents for the purpose of Further Education, Employment, be it Order Extra Copy, Professional Licensure, Military, Immigration, Certified Translation. They take about 2 weeks to prepare your evaluation report.

I.E.R.F – International Education Research Foundation (IERF) verifies documents for Education, Military Recruitment, For Licensure, For Immigration, and sets your evaluation report within 15 working days. 

JS&A –  JS&A is a member of leading credential  evaluation associations such as: National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES), One of the fast evaluation service providers that takes about 10 working days to make your evaluation process smooth.

Transcript Research – They verifies and evaluates document be it Education, Employment, Immigration, Military, Certification/ Licensing, They take about 3-4 weeks for evaluation of document and 

One Earth – The easy application process, easy traceability of the application, is one of the best services to choose for your credential evaluations.

They have the least processing time of 5-7 working days for the generation of reports. With additional rush charges, candidates can get their report within 24 hours. It also provides various shipping options so that students can get their reports on time.

ACEI – ACEI verifies the authenticity of the academic documents with the issuing institution and compares it against archival documents. Such authentication will provide you with ease of work that the academic documents are bona-fide and valid for processing. ACEI takes about 7-10 working days to evaluate your documents. 

Immigration Quebec – One of the most preferred destinations for immigrants, it might take more time than usual for your documents to be verified, but it is worth considering, you can move to any province in canada if your documents are verified by quebec. 

NDEB – NDEB a dental degree program from a university/body that is recognised by the government of the country where it is located. This program has special relevance to India and the candidates who are looking for dental studies/opportunities in Canada. A candidate will ideally receive the NDEB Evaluation report within 20 weeks. 

Now that you know the drill, Send your transcripts to your desired university via Worldwide Transcripts directly certified from the registrar of your university within 24hrs! 

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How do I get my foreign credentials evaluated?

You can directly reach out to your evaluation bodies like ECE, CES, IQAS, EP and more for evaluation of documents.

How much does it cost to have my foreign credentials evaluated?

It depends on your desired evaluation bodies, the charges might go around $170-$200.

Will my foreign credentials be accepted by all institutions and employers in the United States?

Yes, Once your documents are verified as per your evaluation report, It is accepted by employers, Institution, employment houses and embassies abroad.

How long does the process of evaluating foreign credentials take?

It depends on the evaluation process of your desired evaluation body, On an average it takes about 4-6 weeks for your evaluation. 

Are there any organisations that specialise in evaluating foreign credentials?

Worldwide Transcripts are partners to many evaluation bodies such as ECE, CES, IQAS, EP, FCE, GCE, ACEI, IERF, IEE, JS&A, Transcript Research, NDEB, Immigration Quebec  and more and get your documents evaluated within 24hrs!

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