Credit: Worldwide Transcripts
Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
Reviewed by: Vakila Khan

Know more about the foreign bodies evaluation process

The literal meaning of the word ‘Evaluation’ is to assess. This process actually refers to a captious inspection of a program. Evaluation, being a complex process have comprised of several steps. Collecting information, analysing the collected information and finally delivering the outcome are few major steps that are being followed by this process. Evaluation is crucial for all the companies, Universities, Schools, Colleges etc. to assess the candidate’s quality. The wide usage of the Evaluation method is in the Education system. All the countries across the globe use some specific evaluation to state the students’ level of knowledge. Evaluation is essential in Education System. The main objective of the education system is to enable the students to attain the desired learning outcomes. Evaluation helps the students to assess the status of their learning. Different countries follow different methods of evaluation keeping the aim unchanged.

Evaluation process and reforms in higher education

In this competitive world, we are competitive with billions of fellow students. To acquire the deserved position in both the academic and professional career evaluation process is mandatory in the Education system since childhood. From schools, the evaluation process takes place to assess the strength and challenges of school-going children. To evaluate the level of learning outcomes of the student different tests are being conducted by the organization for better assessment. After a close monitor of the learning outcome of the students, the evaluating organizations offer the student grades based on their performance. Which is helpful for their further studies or to get hired by a company.

Having one process of evaluation for all the countries across the globe is not possible. Every country has their own method of evaluation and grading system. Sometimes, this system also varies from one state to other.

Understanding the exact level of the student’s knowledge credential evaluation is very crucial especially if the student is willing to study abroad to take a job in a country that does not follow the same evaluation method. It gives the hiring authority or the hiring University an abrupt idea of the student’s potential.

This Credential evaluation is a process of comparison. In this method, the academic degree or the professional degree earned in one country is being compared with the other countries. Foreign Credential Evaluation is majorly being done to understand and evaluate the applicant’s exact level of qualification both academic and professional in order to offer them admission or jobs. The pattern of study and the process of evaluation differ in different countries. As an example, In the education system of India, students have board exams in their 10th and 12th standards followed by admission to the college. But in the USA, they do not follow any High School examinations. So, in order to understand the level of knowledge of the candidate Foreign Credential Evaluation is decisive.

International students who are willing to study in the USA, use this Foreign Credential Evaluation for the USA to get an evaluated outcome of their academic proficiency. This assessment system helps the students to showcase their academic level to get a chance of admission. Their previous degrees obtained from the countries they have completed their education is being thoroughly checked out and a comparison is being made. Their admission to the new country’s study system entirely depends on the Foreign Credential Evaluation procedure.

The type of Credential evaluation also differs with countries and the purpose. For the USA and Canada, the process of credential evaluation focuses on detailed analysis course by course or document by document depending upon the admission organization’s requirements.

This evaluation system has helped in the reformation of the education system:
• Internal assessments take place in the institutions.
• To avoid tampering the evaluation process have been changed from manual to computerized.
• Barcoding of answer scripts has enabled the exact identification.
• With the automation of the system, the process of conducting exams to declare results consume less time than before.
• Universities have introduced credit-based systems in order to balance with the advanced global standards.
• Major revision of the syllabus has been taken place.

The institutes are focusing on creating future leaders and shapers for tomorrow. The best foreign transcript evaluation service is being provided by many agencies to help the students reach their goals. Foreign Credential Evaluation system is helping students across the globe to get their deserved opportunities. Not merely the students, the hiring organisations are also getting benefitted by this system. The comparative evaluated results also help them to gauge the student’s skills and knowledge. And it helps in smoothening the process of recruitments. Statistics has shown that each year there are thousands of students migrate to foreign countries for further studies or career reformation. This evaluation plays a major role in their career.