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Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
Reviewed by: Vakila Khan

Here’s How International Credential Evaluation Works

Education is the fundamental building block of one’s future. If your upcoming course does not retain recognition from foreign universities, then it will diminish your chances of getting the next degree from abroad. Thus, it is prudent to get your degrees scrutinized by professional organizations before you apply to international universities.

What is International credential evaluation?

In brief, credential evaluation can be understood as the estimation of your current degree in an international platform. It is mostly carried out by countries like the USA or Canada since their educational ministry does not evaluate foreign degrees.

The concept of international credential evaluation is not only limited to acquiring a degree; instead, it applies to a foreign employee as well. While there are a lot of universities or companies who would like to conduct the research themselves, there are several others who ask for a credential evaluation before you can apply.

Since it is a crucial process, you must only consider expert bodies like Global Credential Evaluators for the job.

  • The process of credential evaluation
  • Before the agency begins our assessment phase, inquire with the admitting institution or receiving agency regarding their report specifications.
  • Make an appointment with the admitting institution
  • It is not always necessary to make an appointment with the concerned institution; instead, you can mail them your queries as well.

Amongst all, get these queries cleared:

  • Ensure that the admitting institution will hold the GCE’s evaluation valid.
  • Confirm the type of reports they accept and whether they would require any additional documents.
  • Take a look at GCE’s services and guidelines
  • There is a range of services that are provided by this agency. Before you get your credentials evaluated, be certain to check them out.
  • Their services have been discussed in detail in the next portion of this blog.
  • Assemble required documents
  • Now, the required documents depend largely on which country you belong from. You can check the documents that are essential to your country from their website.

For example, if you are from India, then these documents will be pertinent.

• Secondary School Leaving Certificate
• Higher Secondary Certificate
• Senior Secondary Certificate
• Delhi Senior School Certificate
• All India Senior School Certificate
• Indian School Certificate
• Pre-University Certificate
• Pre-Degree or Intermediate Certificate
• Diploma

• Individual Mark Sheets (front and back)
• Bachelor Degree
• Master Degree
• Post Graduate Diploma
• Doctor of Philosophy

Create an account and get started

  • If you have completed all the above-mentioned steps to fruition, then you are all set! Now, all you are left to do is create an account. Fill out all the details, and you are good to go.
  • The different services provided by GCE
  • There are three different services they provide:
    • Document-by-Document : This is applicable for employment, education, and immigration, but transfer credit is not expected here.
    • Document-by-Document with GPA : This is also applicable for employment, education, and immigration. Transfer credit is not expected here either.
    • Course-by-course : This is applicable for employment, education, and immigration. Apart from that, they also provide professional certification and licensing. Transfer credit can be possible in this service.