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Mark Sheet & Documents Attestation

Trying to find out about transcript attestation? Is your institution insisting that you validate your documents/mark sheets for transcripts? If it comes to verification, we might assist you with your queries. Your mission is our passion, and World Wide Transcript wants to be familiar with every aspect of your scripts and all the associated factors, such as marksheet / transcript verification.


A transcript is proof of educational courses undertaken or attended. It comprises a detailed record of all the subjects you have studied along with marks obtained in the form given by the university / board / institution of studies. Transcript is one of the many documents that are extremely important during your admission to a university abroad for higher education or immigration process related to job or permanent residency.(1) Transcripts are basically those authorised documents which contain all records of your educational certificates with detailed description of all subjects, papers, courses and various projects you may have undertaken during your tenure in that university, these are usually provided by the institute or university from which you have completed your graduate studies. It basically acts as a verification or proof of authority that you have completed all the education that you have claimed to have undertaken. It is also to be noted that many universities require marksheet verification/document verification as one of the important steps of your transcripts which further authenticates the documents at the institute level.(2)


Let’s understand the term attestation. Attestation of documents is a process that verifies the authenticity of the document. Verification is often required when you are trying to authenticate your document for use in a foreign country. The attestation of any documents be it marksheet, transcript, id proof, proves the legal validity and accuracy of the document. Degree certificate/Mark-Sheet attestation refers to verifying the documents by affixing a stamp of the verifier along with his signature. Documents required for Marksheet / Degree Certificate Attestation: -Passport copy -Visa Copy -Degree copy -Mark sheet all year This process is important when it comes to procurement of transcripts from university, in other ways it may create unnecessary hurdles in your immigration process.(3). With Worldwide Transcripts be rest assured of all your document procurement and attestation needs.

Attestation and its requirement

Attestation of your degree certificate/mark sheet/transcript is an important part of  documentation proceedings, as it proves the authenticity of the documents which will be used for assessment and evaluation of credentials with reference to the university you have applied for. Attestation requirement varies as per university norms.

Many universities may need attested mark sheets ahead of application of your transcripts procurement process while some Universities don’t need attested documents atall and directly provide transcripts on the basis of documents submitted.

For example, if you’re a Graduate in Science you will need to get the seal and signature from your attending college on all your 6-semester / 3 years marksheet. Those attested documents then will have to be then submitted to the University to procure your Transcripts.

The challenges you may face in terms of additional amount to be spent for attestation and there is a possibility that you may not be in the same city all the time where the college or university is situated and the process becomes tedious.

Attestation From College/ university

A point worth noting is that there are many colleges where the attested marksheet is provided and it alone is sufficient to be said as a transcript, hence eliminating any additional cost and additional efforts of visiting the university where the college is affiliated as it may happen that the university and college are both in separate locations and it can be a cumbersome task for any candidate to visit college and then university located in a different city all together.

This implies that attested mark sheets will be sent in envelopes and will be sent to the university to be submitted and the University will be sending the same to WES after verification of records and necessary stamping.

To avoid any sort of rejection please remember that WES does’nt accept Transcripts directly sent from colleges.

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To summarise with the evident differences in requirement of attestation or not, functioning of the same from college level to the university level, formats in which college may attest the academic marksheets, some colleges may provide it in a sealed envelope creating a fresh document and university will forward the same document as transcript to ECA body / university. We witness a huge dissimilarity in procurement at the end. But it is worth mentioning that both are accepted by ECA and treated as official transcript for educational credential assessment.


With all the variations and dissimilarities, it is imperative that the step of attestation of your marksheets & transcripts needs to be completed in the required form with all its perfection, or it would result in unnecessary delay and wastage of efforts, financial implications as well. So before going ahead with the application of your Transcripts, be well aware of your Universities’ guidelines if it requires attestation of your mark sheets for which you can get in touch with Worldwide Transcripts and reach us on 9340899870 for any queries.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts

Being an authorised and verified source of documents, Worldwide Transcripts has partnered with 12+ evaluation bodies and has been successful in sending verified transcripts to 50+ evaluation bodies abroad. We have been a trusted name in the documentation procurement industry for over 13 years and have ties to more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24 hours.

Is Attestation mandatory for Canada PR?

Attestation is not mandatory for Canada Immigration but certain universities mandatorily require marksheets and documents to be attested by the college before procuring the transcripts of the candidate. It is better to get help from an expert in this matter. You may reach out to Worldwide Transcripts at +919340899870 for the same and let them take the pain if attestation is required or not.

How is attestation done ?

Attestation in simple words refers to verifying the documents from the official archive and validating the same by imprinting a seal of the concerned department and further signed by the authorised person stating the authenticity of the document.

Can mark sheet attestation be done online?

No, marksheet attestation cannot be done online as it involves verification of the marksheets from official records and if found correct it will be further stamped and signed by the concerned department and authorised signatory and for the same it requires hard copy. Better  reach out to Worldwide Transcripts at +919340899870 for getting your marksheets attested.

What is self attestation ? How is it different ?

Selfattestation refers to attesting the documents self by the applicant. It is hugely different from Attestation by college as the latter verifies the document from official records which states the authenticity and proves the accuracy of the document produced.

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