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Mark sheet Attestation | Attestation of Mark sheets – Worldwide Transcripts

Looking for an answer regarding the attestation of Transcripts? Does your University ask you for attestation of your documents/Marksheets for Transcripts? Let us guide you regarding your queries when it comes to attestation. Your goal is our passion and World Wide Transcripts wish to acquaint with every little aspect when it comes to your Transcripts and all the aligned factors it is bounded with like the attestation of mark sheets/Transcripts

What actually are Transcripts ?

Now, transcripts are one among those many documents which is of utmost importance during your admission into a foreign university or even your immigration process. Transcripts are basically those authorized documents that contain all your study certificates with a detailed description of all the subjects, papers, courses, and your various projects during the course of your education, these are usually provided by the college or university you have graduated from. It basically acts as validation or proof to the authorization that you have completed all the education that you are claiming to have. Another important point to be noted is that many Universities require mark sheet attestation/document attestation as one of the important steps for your Transcripts.

What is attestation?

Before going forward, let’s understand the term attestation.

The attestation of your document/mark sheet/Transcript is necessary to prove your document’s legitimacy. Attestation of mark sheets/documents is verifying the authenticity of your documents which is done by attaching a sign/stamp of the person who is verifying the document or mark sheets and it is important in the process of Transcripts otherwise in some cases it might pose a difficulty in your immigration process.

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Attestation of your mark sheet is quite an important part of all your documentation processes, as this provides the validation or gives legitimacy to your transcripts which will be used as a future reference in the university you have applied for.

Now attestation could vary according to different universities, each of them would have a different and unique style of functioning and different set of rules. Some Universities require the process of attestation of mark sheets before you start with your procedure of application of Transcripts while in some Universities it doesn’t require the same and you can directly apply for your Transcripts by just submitting your documents.

There are different modes to attestation of mark sheets, have a look below:

  1. Firstly, there are Universities where attestation of mark sheets not required at all and you can directly avail your Transcripts without visiting your college. You may consider yourself blessed in this case as you save the extra efforts and money which otherwise you may have to spend upon.
  2. Next, there may be a few universities that would require you to get attestation on all your mark sheets in order to receive your final transcripts, unlike others who would not have these particular criteria in their application procedure. For example, if you’re a B.COM graduate you will get the seal and signature from your college on all your 6-semester mark sheets. These attested documents have to be then submitted to your University to have access to your Transcripts.

Two major challenges you may face are the additional amount for attestation and the colleges may not be situated in the same city as that of the University and this will result in too much travel and may become tedious.

  1. Another interesting fact is that there are few colleges where the attestation of mark sheets provided them alone would suffice to form a final copy of the transcript, which means there would be no need for the students to have an additional expense of running to the universities in which their colleges are affiliated with, as sometimes the universities would be somewhere beyond boundaries of their towns and this would definitely become a task for the students that would cost them extra money, time and energy. So basically the attestation of mark sheets itself will be placed in the envelope to be known as Transcript and has to be submitted in the University and the University will send the same to WES.

Please note that though attestation is completed from your college, your Transcripts have to be delivered from the university itself. WES will never accept Transcripts that are sent from colleges and hence be careful to avoid possible rejection.

To sum up, with the mention of the above difference in the functioning of attestation of mark sheets and documents, one may find a difference in the style or format in which the college/university would provide the attestation, as some would issue the attested mark sheet in a sealed envelope, whereas some would create a fresh new document and call it a transcript, as we see a huge difference but, in the end, both are treated as original and certified transcripts.

With all the variations and dissimilarities, it is imperative that the step of attestation of your transcripts needs to be completed in the required form with all its perfection, or it would result in unnecessary delay and wastage of efforts and money. So before going ahead with the application of your Transcripts be well aware of your Universities’ guidelines if it requires attestation of your mark sheets for which you can get in touch with World Wide Transcripts and reach us on 9340899870 for any queries.