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Are you lost as well in the heaps of all the documentation processes that require you to qualify in that college you wanted to get into, and have no clue what are all these documentation actually are?? Are you wondering if you can Apply your Transcripts online? Well then worry not!! Because you have just reached the right place where you could get all answers to your questions and that’s World Wide Transcripts.


The answer to which is transcripts!! Now, transcripts are one among those many documents which is of utmost importance during your admission into a foreign university or even your immigration process. Transcripts are basically those authorized documents which contain all your study certificates with a detailed description of all the subjects, papers, courses and your various projects during the course of your education, these are usually provided by the college or university you have graduated from. It basically acts as a validation or proof to the authorization that you have completed all the education that you are claiming to have. Another important point to be noted here is universities and colleges may provide transcripts through their online portals as well and hence you can Apply your transcripts online or through manual posts.


As we see more and more universities moving towards digitalization and having all their paper work done through their online portals and hence, it has been noted that a lot many colleges/Universities do provide online Transcripts which, I believe is the best way to do it, as it avoids the unnecessary delay in time as well as the enormous tedious paper work that would have resulted otherwise.

Moving ahead from the meaning and understanding of transcripts, let’s dive into the procedure or the steps in which transcripts are usually applied:

The first step would be to apply for the transcripts at the institute where you have completed your graduation.
In most cases the transcripts are sent by the education board which governs the institute.
Ones the authorization has been received from the board the institute would release the transcript to the concerned student (by applying online or via post) for a minimum prescribed fee.
Another point to be noted would be that many universities would have the postal facility wherein on the request of the concerned student they would undertake the posting of the transcript directly to the concerned authority aboard.
Application of Online Transcripts also differs in various aspects from University to University.

How you can Apply your Transcripts Online/Request for Transcript?.

Talking about the first method, your entire Transcript application will be completed online from submission of documents to dispatch of your Transcripts. For the same you need to visit your University website and you may find an option of uploading your documents and also fee payment can be made online. Once you’re done with the submission of both documents and fees, the University will dispatch your documents and you will get the status online.
Secondly, the payment for Online Transcripts will be done digitally ,where as your documents has to be sent to the University by courier and hence it still a relieve from visiting the University physically and saves lots of time and energy .Many Universities even help you apply for your Transcripts online by just sending them one email with your documents and you can pay the application fee through NEFT.

There are also methods where you can apply for your Transcripts online partially, and for the next set of procedure, you need to physically visit the University. For example, you can make the payment of your Transcript Application online but submission of documents or either collection of your Transcript from the university has to be done by physically visiting the university or authorizing someone to collect it.

Applying Transcripts Online also affects the time taken for your dispatch of Transcripts. Some of the Universities has both options available but the time taken to complete the process may differ. For example, in some Universities, if you apply for your Transcripts online that TAT may be 2months whereas if you visit the University and complete the process it may take 15 days.
Hence you need to be aware of your University’s Transcripts method if you can apply Transcripts online or not and keep your arrangements ready accordingly.

With regards to the above-mentioned points however it is worth mentioning that all the points highlighted above would vary according to the universities, as each of them would have a different set of rules, policies and fee structures.

With the procedure covered let’s move further with the various documents that are required in a transcript whether you apply your Transcripts online or with your Physical presence


All year/Semester Mark Sheets
Degree/passing Certificate
Aadhar Card/Passport

As we have spoken in about the detailed structure of the application of transcripts, however, we cannot conclude without the mention of the various Education Credential Assessment organizations that are built for the sole purpose of making Immigration and Education evaluation a smooth process. A few organizations worth mentioning are WES, IQAS, PEBC, ICAS, eduPASS ,QMAS, FORAC etc.

World Wide Transcripts can best advise you to apply your Transcripts online and You can never stop from taking our services once you have stepped in. So step in with World Wide Transcripts and avail your University Transcripts. You can reach us on 9340899870

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