Apply Your Transcripts Online
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Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
Reviewed by: Vakila Khan

Apply Transcript Online And Get Your Academic Transcript Certificate

Transcripts has been as one of the crucial documentation for your journey to abroad, without proper records and authentic documents it becomes one of the major concern for document delay and rejection of your credentials abroad,

With Worldwide Transcripts we streamline the process for your university documentation and make it a quick with timely updates of your documentation till it reaches to the desired destination
We are profoundly dealing with 800+ universities and 50+ evaluation services for sending and receiving verified credentials abroad.

The process to apply for your transcripts online is quite easy once you know the correct way, all your queries like how to get transcripts, how to apply for your transcripts, how to generate a transcript request online etc will be sorted.

Where to get Transcripts Online?

As we see more and more universities moving towards digitalization and having all their paperwork done through their online portals and hence, it has been noted that a lot many colleges/Universities do provide online Transcripts which, I believe is the best way to do it, as it avoids the unnecessary delay in time as well as the enormous tedious paperwork that would have resulted otherwise.

Majorly you can get online transcripts from

Directly from University – Transcripts request directly from university is a hectic and cumbersome process but as most of the universities are moving towards digitization some of universities like PTU, ICFAI, PTU and much more.

From Worldwide Transcripts – To procure your transcripts online from your university to directly send it to the desired destination we are backed up with all the sources and with a dedicated team of executives on board and we send it to your ECA within 24hrs!

What is The Online Procedure To Apply For Transcripts

  1. Keep your documents copy intact with you before applying.
  2. Do your research and choose an ECA of your choice.
  3. Your documents have to be verified from the authorised source.
  4. Reach out to worldwide transcripts directly to us at +91 9340899870 or

A sample Of Academic Transcripts!

Transcripts Sample - Worldwide Transcripts
Transcripts Sample - Worldwide Transcripts

Documents Required For Transcript Application

  1. You have to submit all the clear scan copies of all the mark sheets and degree certificates.
  2. Syllabus copy depends on your university
  3. You’re University Enrollment No
  4. ECA Form
  5. ID Proof
  6. Request form of transcripts

How To Get Transcript Certificate Online

To get your transcripts online it entirely depends on your university. They moved to digitization of your documents, although there are only a few universities that provide transcripts certificates online.

1. You need to directly reach out to your university, claim your transcripts and submit all the required documents and avoid any further delay of your transcripts.

2. You can directly reach out to worldwide transcripts and we will get the documents certified from the registrar of your university and send your documents to the desired location within 24hrs!

How Long Does it Take to Get Transcript Certificate [Processing Time]

It Ideally takes about 25-30 business days if you apply for your transcripts certificate from your university. Some universities do offer fast service that may ask you for an additional fee, delay in your documents is only because of incomplete and incorrect records of your documents. Make sure your documents are true to records before applying.

Furthermore if you are planning to send your transcripts to your dream destination you cannot directly send your documents. It has to be sent from the university, while applying to your university it might take more time than usual, so you need to apply as early as you can to avoid any further delay of your documents.

Procuring your transcripts can be a cumbersome process as it takes quite a lot of time to procure your documents from different institution for different courses, make sure to apply transcript online at the earliest to avoid any further delay in your application.

Benefits Of Online Transcripts Service

  1. It holds records for longer duration.
  2. Easy Accessibility.
  3. No Fudging of documents.
  4. Can apply to more universities.
  5. Holds validity of documents reports.

Why Is A Certificate Of Transcript Required

If you are planning to move abroad for either of the reasons-

    1. Study
    2. Employment
    3. Permanent residency
    4. Visas

You require a transcript that will poof for  the genuinity of your documents and will easy out the process of your purpose abroad. Your transcripts hold a special value for your documents, your request won’t be accepted unless you have all records of your academic performances.

Worldwide Transcripts Step-By-Step Procedure Of Sending Transcripts Online

1. Once we receive your transcript request, we move ahead on verifying your documents

2. Once your documents are verified we generate a request with the university for your transcript
3. The process takes about 20-25 business days to receive your transcripts.

4. Once we receive your transcripts online  with our internal software system we send it to the ECA
within 24hrs!

5. Once we receive the confirmation from your ECA on accurate documents, your journey to
abroad begins.

Procuring transcripts directly from your transcripts is a hectic and cumbersome process with multiple visits to your university, long queues and other challenges that lead to delay in procurement of your application process. Worldwide transcripts ease out the process by verifying your documents directly from your university and sending transcripts electronically to your desired destination within 24hrs.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts

Worldwide Transcripts have been on the documentation procurement trusted firm since 13+ years and with tied up with more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24hrs, being an authorised and verified source of documents Worldwide Transcripts partnered with 12+ evaluation body and been successful in sending transcripts to 50+ evaluation bodies abroad.


What is a certified copy of the transcript?

Certified copy of transcripts is records of all your academic performances, throughout the year with seal and signature designated authority.