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What Are Academic Transcripts? Your Key to Progress


In the journey of pursuing higher education or seeking opportunities abroad be it job, or permanent residency, it is important to understand the importance of academic transcripts. Transcripts play a vital role in shaping your future, it can be for further studies, employment or securing permanent residence. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the essence of  transcripts or academic transcripts, shedding light on what they are, why they matter, and how they can be key to your progress in immigration and foreign movement. 

What Are Transcripts?

The dictionary meaning of the word ‘Transcript’ (1) is usually ‘A typed or recorded material, an official or legal copy of a record whether it is of an official government statement, report or of a candidate’s educational record. But when it comes to immigration or foreign movement these records are required to provide a detailed account of your academic performance throughout your educational tenure and are hereby required to evaluate your educational background or to check the equivalence of the course attended in the country.

What Are Academic Transcripts?

Academic transcripts are more than just a list of grades; They are a testament to your dedication, hard work and intellectual growth. These documents usually include information such as the courses you have undergone, grades obtained, and Aggregate or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Transcripts are issued by the competent authority in an educational institution and serve as a comprehensive summary of your academic achievements. 

You will find the following details mentioned in a transcript:

  1. Name of the student :
  2. Name of Institute :
  3. Name of the University or Board the institute or affiliation :
  4. Name of the course : 
  5. List of subjects along with the marks obtained : 
  6. Achievements : 

By now, I believe, you must have understood what a transcript is and how it is different from a mark sheet, degree or diploma.

Transcripts certificates from University holds the record of all academic performances throughout the course, duly attested, sealed, signed from the controller of examination or registrar of your university for further evaluation abroad by an ECA body like WES(2), ECE(3), CES(4) IQAS(5)

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Highlighting The Importance of Academic Transcripts:

Whenever you are applying for a job, Permanent Residency or Higher Education in foreign institutes, just have a look at the list of their required documents. You may either be required to submit a softcopy of your transcript along with the online application or you may be required to send a hard copy of the same.

Gateway to Higher Education:

The primary use of academic transcripts is in the admissions process when pursuing higher education in foreign universities. These universities and colleges assess your academic performance through transcripts to determine your eligibility for the program you are applying for. A strong academic record can open doors to prestigious institutions and even to scholarship opportunities.

Required For Job Application:

Employers often request academic transcripts as part of the job application process. These documents provide employers with information about your educational background and serve as a measure of your qualifications and commitment. Highlighting relevant coursework and outstanding academic achievements can give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Immigration And Permanent Residence:

When considering immigration to countries such as Canada or the United States or applying for permanent residence, academic transcripts are often required. Immigration officers use these documents to evaluate your educational qualifications, ensuring that you meet the eligibility criteria for the desired immigration category.

So now you understand that it is mandatory to have a transcript if you wish to pursue your job, PR or higher education abroad. You can simply get your transcript from the Institute/university from where you have completed the course. You can visit your university and request the same. There are agencies which can do this for you. You can contact the professional transcript provider and request them to get your transcript delivered to you. You will receive the same in a sealed envelope which will consist of the stamp and sign of the issuing authority.(6)

Here’s Our Simple, Three-Step Transcript process

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  3. Once we receive your documents, we verify your document from your university, and send it to the ECA. 

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In conclusion, academic transcripts are not just records of grades or courses attended throughout the tenure. They are the key to your progress and success on the international stage. Whether you are seeking to pursue higher education, secure employment, or begin the journey toward permanent residency, it is essential to understand the importance of academic transcripts. By recognizing their importance and taking proactive steps to maintain a strong academic record, you pave the way for a brighter and more promising future in your chosen endeavours.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts?

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What is the need of transcripts?

A transcript is required when you move abroad for a job, permanent residency or for higher studies further. The job house or immigration department college or university where you want to take admission requires a transcript as proof or to generate an equivalence report of your previous educational qualifications. This is a mandatory documentary needed for your immigration or foreign movement due to job, PR or admission to your dream university abroad.

What do transcripts contain?

A Transcript is a document containing the details of courses attended or undergone in the school of studies list of subjects, marks obtained, year of completion, achievements, practical works done during the academic year, etc. in a tabular form attested sealed signed by the exam controller of institution/university/board of studies.

What is the difference between a degree/diploma and transcripts?

It is important as the transcript contains all the details that are vital for evaluation of a candidate to compute the equivalent of the course done in the country in a single document. While a degree or diploma certifies that you have completed a particular course or a particular programme, the transcript is a document that covers your entire subject list with the marks obtained.

What is the importance of academic transcripts?

When applying for a job, Permanent Residency or Higher Education in foreign institutes, you may be required to submit a softcopy or send a hardcopy of your academic transcript along with the online application. Transcripts serve as a Gateway to Immigration due to Higher Education, job, and permanent residence


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