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How to get a Marriage Certificate Apostille

If you are planning  to move to another country for education, a job, or other such purposes. In that case, you must have come across the term ‘apostille.’ It is easy to get confused and intimidated by such technical words. However, there is no need to worry. This article will walk you through everything that you need to know about a marriage certificate apostille.

An apostille is an attestation, stamp, or sticker from the Ministry of External Affairs on all your official documents, ensuring its authenticity. When you move to another country, these attested documents will be accepted by that country’s government. Therefore, to know in-depth about the marriage certificate apostille, read on.

Why is Marriage Certificate Apostille Required?

One may wish to get an apostille from the MEA for various reasons. However, the main reasons are:

  • To get PR done in a different country
  • Travelling on a dependant VISA
  • Travelling on a work VISA
  • Other

There are two steps for apostille –

  1. Authentication of Documents – Your documents are verified on the basis of district and Magistrate level.SDM VerificationThis is the shorter and quicker way of getting your marriage certificate attestation. This process requires you to submit your documents to SDM or the Sub Divisional Magistrate for verification. Once their half of validation is done, they will forward your documents to MEA for apostille. Depending on the services you choose, the SDM verification time will vary from 3 to 14 days.State VerificationThe documents in India are all produced by the state in India. Thus, you would need the State government to verify your documents for you for verification and attestation. For that, you need to approach the Secretariat of the State in which your documents were issued. This process has various bodies of the government involved and thus may take up to 30 working days.
  2. Legalisation of document – Is the stamp directly from the Ministry of External Affairs. Here is the sample on how different stamps look like.Apostille acquired by both the formats is accepted by the Hague nations (113 countries) except Italy and Austria, where they only accept state verification.For the countries which are not among the Hague nations, the documents should first go through a state verification for an MEA apostille. It then should be legalised by the country for which the apostille was required.

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Documents Required For Getting Marriage Certificate Apostille

  1. Id Proofs.
  2. Passports.
  3. Marriage Certificate issued by Indian Govt.

How you can Apply for Marriage Certificate Apostille Via Worldwide Transcripts

Worldwide Transcripts has been religiously working on getting your Marriage certificates apostille(1) directly from the Ministry of External Affairs (MOI).

  1. Keep all your documents handy before applying intact before applying
  2. Send in your request by filling an enquiry form of Worldwide Transcripts or you can directly reach us at +91 9340899870.
  3. Once your documents are verified we move ahead with getting your documents apostille, to the MEA.
  4. It takes about 3-4 working days to receive your  Marriage Certificate Apostille and you are ready to move abroad.

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How can I get my marriage certificate apostille in India?
You can reach out to Worldwide Transcripts and they will get your documents apostille within 3-4 working days.

Why is an apostille required?
An apostille acts as a proof that your documents are true to records with a legal stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs.’

How much time does it take for an apostille?
It takes about 3-4 working days to get your documents apostille via Worldwide Transcripts.


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