Everything you need to know about MEA Apostille Services

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When you are relocating or migrating overseas, you need to have an apostille for various documents. This is an attestation from MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs on your documents. This legalizes your documents so that they are accepted abroad. Understandably, such terms and requirements can get intimidating. But, these are all standard procedures that you need to go through to go overseas.

Therefore, in this article, we will be quickly going through everything related to MEA attestation services to have a good idea about what it is, what you need to do to get it done, and how it is done. If you are ready, let us start!

Types of attestations

Before we begin, we first need to understand that there are various types of attestations available. The Ministry of External Affairs offers you two types of attestation. You may choose the one that suits your needs the best.


Since 2005, India has become one of the Hague nations which do not require foreign public document legalization. However, an apostille is required for personal documents such as birth, marriage, or death certificates—the power of Attorneys, Affidavits, and educational documents, etc. The MEA attestation allows you to get your documents apostille to use in other countries as legalized documents.

Regular Attestation

Here an apostille is not accepted and requires formal verification of all documents. This option is available for all the countries which are not part of the Hague country list.

Procedure for apostille and attestation

We will now look at the MEA certificate attestation procedure. Here two, there are two ways you can get your documents attested. You can either use the online service of E-Sanad or do it offline. Let us take a look at both:


As mentioned earlier, this is an online MEA apostille service that helps you verify and attest your documents. This is exclusive to Indian citizens. Their official website will be able to provide you with all the necessary details.

For normal attestation process

While E-Sanad is an excellent alternative to getting your documents attested, there are documents that it cannot verify. For that, you have to use the normal process of getting your documents verified. Look at the steps mentioned below to understand how to get your documents attested through the standard procedure.

Authenticating documents
Depositing your documents to a verified outsourced service provider
Receive the attested documents via a verified outsourced service provider

It may look fairly simple; however, the system itself is very intricate and complex. Thus, ensure that you opt for the right authorized service provider to get your MEA document attestation.

These procedures should be taken with extreme care and should not have any scope for mistakes. Therefore, always seek the advice of an expert or professional.

So, that was all about MEA apostille attestations. You now know what it is all about and the various processes to get your documents attested. Therefore, get in touch with a trustable authorized service provider and get ready for your documents’ apostille attestation.

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