Transcripts From Nirma University
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How To Get Transcripts From Nirma University

Nirma University is a private university at Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, India. It was established in 2003. The university works under the aegis of the Nirma Education and Research Foundation to provide world class education to the younger generation of India, it is a research-based, student-centric non-profit private university. The university is accredited with Grade ‘A+’ by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in 2022.

Nirma University offers Transcript for the courses attended in the university and is duly recognised by WES. Transcripts from Nirma University are required if you have completed any of your courses from the university and you are further looking to immigrate to a country for higher education, job or for permanent residency.

What Is a Transcript Certificate of Nirma University?

The transcripts from Nirma University(1) will sum up your courses attended and obtained grades on the courses printed in a format under the stamp and signature of the Controller of Examination, Registrar of the university or Vice Chancellor. The stamp and signature establishes the authenticity and trustworthiness of the document issued and the courses attended along with grades obtained for further evaluation by any ECA body like IQAS(2), EP(3), IEE(4), One Earth(5), University or Employment houses and in some cases to consulates.

How to get Transcripts from Nirma University?

To procure transcripts from Nirma University you have to submit all documents to the university along with duly filled in transcript application form and the fees for the same, but you may have to visit the university a few times for further updates on the transcript application or pendencies or further document requirement if any.

Or Reach Out to Worldwide Transcripts, being an expert on this area be rest of the procurement process and be stress free for the entire process..

How to get Mahatma Gandhi University transcript online?

A student can request for his Mahatma Gandhi University transcript online from the comfort of home. The university has set up an easy system so that students can apply for an MGU transcript online. They simply need to:

  • Create an account in the official MGU website if they already don’t have one.
  • Log in and fill out the MGU transcript application form with all the correct details
  • Then upload the attested scanned copies of the required documents
  • Pay the MGU transcript online application fees

The university will deliver the transcript in the mentioned address after processing in the stipulated time duration.

Documents Required for Transcripts From Nirma University :

  1. Colour copy of Mark sheets and Degree duly attested by college.
  2. Registration Certificate.
  3. WES/ECA form if any.

Processing Time For Transcripts

Procurement of transcripts from Nirma University process requires around 20-25 business days if all the documents required are provided in clear with the required fee and filled form.

Here’s Our Simple, Three-Step Transcript process

  1. Submit your request with an Online Enquiry form of Worldwide Transcripts.
  2. Upload all your credentials, and submit the form.
  3. Once we receive your documents, we verify your document from your university, and send it to the ECA.

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Steps For Registration

  1. Submit your enquiry forms that are popping on the right side of your screen.
  2. Fill the form with all the correct information.
  3. Upload all your documents.
  4. Click on the T&C and submit the form.
  5. Our team of executives will reach you soon and we will receive your request.
  6. With all the required information we will process your request with your university.
  7. As soon as we receive your documents we send it to the desired ECA within 24hrs!
  8. Your transcripts will be processed to your ECA and you are ready to fly abroad.

Transcript Process For WES

  1. Login to WES website portal.
  2. Register and pay the required fee.
  3. You’ll get a reference number after paying the fee and safely enrolling.
  4. Now send your transcripts by courier in a package.
  5. Follow each and every direction offered on the WES website.
  6. Track your courier. WES takes three to four days.


Transcripts from Nirma University can become a tedious process if you have no clue about the transcripts procedure, you’ll need to make numerous journeys, and there can be other issues that slow down the application process. After confirming your credentials with your university, Worldwide Transcripts streamlines the process by electronically delivering transcripts to your dream destination within 24 hours.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts

Being an authorised and verified source of documents, Worldwide Transcripts has partnered with 12+ evaluation bodies and has been successful in sending verified transcripts to 50+ evaluation bodies abroad. We have been a trusted name in the documentation procurement industry for over 13 years and have ties to more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24 hours.


Does Nirma University send transcripts electronically?

Sending electronic transcripts solely depends on the university being fully computerised and online. Nirma University will provide you the hard copies of the transcripts that are in a sealed envelope shipped directly from the university campus/pin code as per the requirement of ECA body.

How long does it take to get transcripts from Nirma University?

Transcripts procurement from Nirma University ideally takes upto 40-45 working days but it may further extend if any additional requirement is raised by the university or incomplete documents. Contact Worldwide Transcripts for hassle free procurement of your transcripts.

Is Nirma University Approved By WES?

Yes, Transcripts from Nirma University are accepted and evaluated by WES. Please do note that the transcripts should be shipped in a sealed envelope only from the university campus so the same to be evaluated by WES.

Do you ship transcripts to WES?

Yes we do ship transcripts to wes. We make sure that transcripts are procured in a sealed envelope and they are shipped directly from University campus or pincode to WES.

Where should I get my transcripts shipped?

You must get your transcript shipped to any of the ECA bodies you have chosen for your educational credential evaluation or to the university directly if you are looking forward to pursuing higher education.

How many sets of transcripts do I need?

An educational credential assessment is used to verify that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate, transcript serving as proof of your credential is valid and equal to the educational standards of that country. You must include your ECA report and reference number for transcript procurement.

What is Educational credential Assessment?

An educational credential assessment is used to verify that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate, transcript serving as proof of your credential is valid and equal to the educational standards of that country. You must include your ECA report and reference number for transcript procurement.


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