How to Send Transcripts from India to US Universities?
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Sending Transcripts from India to US Universities: Navigating International Credentials


In attempting to pursue higher education at universities abroad, it is imperative to understand the complexities inherent in the transmission of academic transcripts. The purpose of this blog post is to highlight the profound importance of transcripts and the vital role they play in the university application process. It provides essential insight into the meticulous processes involved in sending official transcripts from India to universities in the United States, Canada or any other foreign nation.

What Are Transcripts from University?

University transcripts serve as official documents that carefully detail a student’s academic performance, including courses taken, grades obtained, and GPA or CGPA. Especially for international students seeking higher education in the United States, Canada or any other foreign nation, transcripts play an important role in the admissions process, providing a comprehensive perspective on academic achievements.

In the complex landscape of international movement, whether for reasons of immigration, better professional opportunities abroad, obtaining Permanent Residence or admission to foreign universities for advanced studies, the term ‘Transcript'(1) often emerges.

Why Are They Important for University Applications?

As we understood that transcripts are of great importance when it comes to immigration or foreign movement due to higher education, job or Permanent Residency (PR). But what exactly do transcripts include, and why do they hold such importance in the context of higher education applications in foreign universities?

Transcripts, in short, are formal records that provide a comprehensive overview of an individual’s academic journey, including details such as courses completed, grades obtained, and GPA or CGPA. As prospective students pave the way for university admissions, transcripts go beyond mere documentation; They are an important element that shape one’s academic narrative. In addition to being a repository of academic achievements, transcripts emerge as an important medium bridging the gap between an individual’s academic history by assessing the educational credentials of the candidate in the home nation and checking the equivalence of the same as per the country as to which course the candidate has pursued and their future educational pursuits. As we move forward on this, we want to clarify the nuances of transcripts, further uncovering the reasons why they are importance(2) stand as indispensable components within the complex tapestry of university admissions.

How to Send Transcripts to US Universities from India?

Above we have already discussed the transcript and its importance in immigration & foreign movement due to higher education abroad jobs or PR in the US. If you want to get a transcript, you need to apply to the issuing authority at the respective university. For the same, you can visit the University official website. All leading universities have the provision to apply for transcripts on their website. Alternatively, students can visit their university campus, submit the required documents and get their transcripts. It is not recommended though because going to university and submitting documents can be time-consuming. Further, if there is any error, then processing time will get delayed further. Students can contact transcript procurement service providers like ‘Worldwide Transcripts’ and they can get university transcripts within the stipulated time frame.

Transcripts certificates from University displays accademic record of the courses appeared which are duly attested, signed and provided in a sealed envelope by the Controller of Examination or Registrar of university for further evaluation abroad by an ECA body like IQAS(3), CES(4), ECE(5) WES(6).

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Understanding the Process:

Sending official transcripts from India to US universities involves a systematic approach. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this Application Process for procurement of University Transcripts and sending transcripts from India to US universities.

Contacting the Issuing Authority:

The initial step involves reaching out to the Exam Controller or Examination Department of the University where a candidate can apply for the transcripts from. Establishing proper communication with this authority is crucial to understanding the specific procedures and requirements for seamless procurement of transcript applications.


Candidates are required to furnish basic details in the application process including full name, student id details, enrollment & roll number, and the desired destination for transcript delivery which can be a University in US, Canada or any other country. Providing accurate details ensures a smooth and zero error process on the request.

Fee Payment:

Universities ideally charge a nominal fee for processing transcript requests and sending them to International universities and evaluation bodies. Applicants should be aware of any linked fee charges and ensure prompt payment to ensure smooth processing. Effective communication regarding fee payment and associated deadlines is of utmost importance. It is imperative that a candidate diligently adheres to these stipulations to facilitate a smooth progression of the process, timely procurement and transmission of the transcripts to the university in the US within the specified timeframe.

Selecting Delivery Options:

Universities commonly provide multiple transcript delivery options, encompassing express courier services, or electronic delivery. Applicants are advised to carefully scrutinise their preferences and timelines when choosing the most suitable delivery method tailored to their specific requirements.

Points to remember for timely Transcript Submission:

Recognize that the processing time for transcript requests can vary. Initiate the process well in advance to ensure timely submission before the application deadlines of your chosen US universities.

Maintain clear communication with the admission offices of the US universities you’re applying to. Confirm receipt of transcripts and address any queries they may have promptly.
Be aware of any supplementary documents required by the US universities, such as course-by-course evaluations or English proficiency test scores. Submit these documents alongside your transcripts for a comprehensive application.

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Sending transcripts from India to US universities is a pivotal step in the international education journey. Understanding the nuances of this process ensures a smooth application experience. By adhering to the guidelines provided by your Indian university and the specific requirements of the US institutions, you position yourself for success in pursuing higher education on an international stage. Remember, meticulous preparation and timely communication are key elements in navigating this significant aspect of the admissions process.

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What are transcripts from university, and why are they important for students applying for higher education abroad?

Transcripts are official academic records describing a student’s performance, crucial for students to showcase achievements and gain admission to foreign universities.

How do transcripts contribute to the university application process?

Transcripts summarise one’s academic achievement, assessing educational credentials and ensuring course equivalence for admission to foreign universities.

Why are transcripts important for immigration, job opportunities, Permanent Residency, or foreign university admission?

Transcripts serve as formal records, essential for assessing educational credentials and facilitating various opportunities such as immigration arising due to job opportunities, Permanent Residency, or foreign university admission.

How can I send transcripts to US universities from India, and what is the recommended process?

Apply through the university’s official website or use transcript service providers like ‘Worldwide Transcripts’ to avoid delays associated with manual submissions.

What is the step-by-step process for sending transcripts from India to US universities?

Contact the university’s issuing authority, provide accurate information, make fee payments, and select a suitable delivery option. Initiate the process well in advance and communicate effectively.

What information is required during the transcript application process, and why is accuracy important?

Provide basic details accurately, including full name, student ID, and destination for transcript delivery, to ensure a smooth and error-free process.


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