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Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
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Documents Required & Process for Procuring Transcripts From IIM Kozhikode

Degree Verification, official university transcripts, etc experiences powers probably to the snappiest turnaround times in the business. To help clients settle on choices considerably quicker, we convey continuous outcomes as they are accessible, quicken correspondences between the third party, and can use candidates and offer documentation where needed. With one place to apply for the transcripts and to gather the documents and credentials, it’s easy to get official records, diplomas, and certificates all around the world. If applied with the correct agency, they work on all the documentations and once done, are sent to the applicant at the address. The transcripts are needed for studying abroad or for settling out of India.

About IIM Kozhikode:

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode is an autonomous public business school located in Calicut, Kerala. The institute, set up in 1996 by the Government of India in collaboration with the State Government of Kerala, is one of the 20 Indian Institutes of Management. It was the fifth IIM that was established in India. The transcript application is completely done online for this university.

The process to apply for the transcripts:

Documents are the most important of all for applying for the transcripts. The documents which are needed to apply for the transcripts online are as mentioned below:

  • Mark Sheet Transcripts
  • Duplicate Mark Sheets & Degree Certificate
  • Identity Proof

Since the process is online one needs to follow the mentioned process:

One must visit the university website and select programs they were enrolled in and chose the program select guidelines for education verification and click on submit a request and opt for the process online.

The Fee needed to apply for the transcripts are as mentioned below:

    • Students who have graduated within/up to 2 years ago – Rs.250/- per copy + Rs.1450 (International courier charges)
    • Students who had graduated more than 2 years ago – Rs.350/- per copy + Rs.1450 (International courier charges)

The transcript certificate will be ready within 5-7 working days of applying for the same.

Although the process is online, the process may not be smooth because of some issues with the applications as well as documentation. Hence, it would need expert guidance. Some agents help in receiving official transcripts from universities in India and internationally. The philosophy is very simple; they just deliver what everyone else has promised and do the best in receiving the transcripts. The difference you expect is quality, turn-around-time, and relationships that last forever.

Hire a company to help you do the work

Worldwide transcripts are one of the best service providers to get university transcripts. They offer multiple courses as mentioned below:

      • Mark Sheet Transcripts
      • Duplicate Mark Sheets & Degree Certificate
      • Medium of Instructions
      • Attestations
      • HRD Attestation/ Apostille
      • ECA (Educational Credentials Assessment)

Worldwide Transcripts is one the best among all in India:

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