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Calcutta University is one of the profound universities in India attracting students from across the country. It offers a range of courses in every stream. Many students from Calcutta University get placed in good companies while many students look forward to going abroad to complete their higher studies and then settle abroad. The university, therefore, offers all kinds of services related to documentation needed to go abroad and transcript service is one of them.

What is the Transcript certificate of Calcutta University?

Calcutta University offers their students transcript certificates who want to go abroad for higher studies or work. Transcript from Calcutta University is a special document containing a lot of information related to students and the course they have completed. In a typical Calcutta University transcript one can find information like the name of student, name of institution, year of passing, the name and code of course completed along with the list of subjects in the entire course with marks obtained in each of them. A seal and signature of the issuing authority ensures the document is authentic and can be used in foreign countries for required purposes.

Why is a Transcript from Calcutta University needed?

Wondering what are the required purposes of the Calcutta University transcript? Well, a transcript can be requested from the university for different purposes. Many foreign universities want their international students to submit the transcript certificate of their under-graduation courses. Many students need their transcript for sending to credential evaluators like WES, IQAS, ECE, CES, EP, JS&A to process their educational credential assessments. What do you need your transcript for? Just fill in the enquiry form and let us know.

How to get Calcutta transcript online?

Getting an online transcript from Calcutta University has become easier than ever. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and you will be able to receive your transcript from Calcutta University online.

  • Log in to the university portal. You may have to create a username and password or check with the university if they have already provided you one.
  • Browse through the application sections and click on apply for transcript
  • Fill out all the information required in the application form
  • Upload the documents as required. Ensure it is properly scanned and you have self-attested them.
  • Pay the online processing fees and that’s it.

The transcript will then be delivered from the university to your desired address as mentioned in the application form.

Documents required for Transcript from Calcutta University

Different universities require different types of documents and it differs with course as well. When applying for Calcutta University transcript by yourself, it is recommended that you check what all documents are required for the same with the university. Normally, you need to submit following documents while requesting transcript from Calcutta University:

  • Copies of Mark sheet of all the semester/academic years
  • Identity proof of the student
  • ECA form
  • Payment receipt or payment challan
  • Passport size photograph of the student

Processing time of Calcutta University Transcript application

Calcutta University receives a lot of applications for transcripts from their enrolled students. The processing time of Calcutta University transcript application is around 25- 30 days but it can get delivered sooner or later depending upon the number of pending applications and other official factors.

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Steps to request transcript from Calcutta University via Worldwide Transcript

At worldwide transcripts, we have created a very easy and simple step from where our clients can request their transcripts from Calcutta University. If you are someone looking to get your transcript, then:

  • Just fill out the enquiry form available on the right side of the screen.
  • Our executive will try to contact you on the contact details provided by you. So make sure you have entered the correct contact information.
  • The executive will brief you about the list of documents required for Calcutta University transcript application.
  • Send us the scanned copies electronically of all those documents. If you are lacking any document we can assist you with that with ease.

That’s it. Sit back and relax. Our executives will contact your university and get your documents processed.

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Worldwide transcripts offer a range of advantages to their clients. With us you get:

  • Digital Depository Exchange Platform.
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Transcript Process For WES

A student can easily request for WES assessment of the Calcutta University transcript (1) online. WES provides an online application facility for international students from around the world. This makes the application process easy and accessible from the comfort of home.
A student needs to:

  • Create an account, log in to the WES website and fill out the application form.
  • After submitting all the details in the application form, they will be directed for payment.
  • Once the payment is successfully made, they will be provided with an application reference number.
  • Students then need to contact the Calcutta University, apply for Calcutta University transcript for WES and send it to WES either via post or electronically.
  • Make sure to mention the WES reference number on the transcript without which WES may not be able to process your ECA application.

When everything is in place, WES will issue an ECA certificate to the desired address.


So by now you must have understood what a Calcutta university transcript (2) is and why it is needed. We have also discussed how to apply for Calcutta University transcript online and also how to send Calcutta University transcript to WES. This is a long and complicated process where you may need to contact Calcutta University and WES multiple times without getting any clear answer. Therefore, contact a worldwide transcript and we will do the job for you.

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How do I get my transcripts from Calcutta University?
You can request a transcript from Calcutta University by visiting the official Calcutta university transcript or applying online. Alternatively, they can visit the university with required documents or directly reach out to Worldwide Transcripts to process their request.

Does Calcutta University send transcripts electronically?
Yes, Calcutta University offers a facility of electronic transcripts that can be sent to credential evaluators like WES or any foreign university directly.

How long does it take to get transcripts from Calcutta University?
Students can expect their transcript from Calcutta University within 25- 30 days of application date. They can get it sooner or later depending upon other official factors as well.

Where do I send my Calcutta University transcripts?
A student must send their Calcutta university transcripts to the place requested. If WES requests your transcript then send it there only to avoid any future data breaches.

What is WES for transcripts?
WES is a credential evaluator that evaluates students’ transcripts and generates equivalency reports as per the education standard of the USA and Canada.

What is a transcript certificate?
A transcript certificate contains various information such as student and institute name, a list of all the subjects completed in the entire course, seal and signature of issuing authority, in a single format etc.

Can I use a Marksheet instead of a transcript?
No, marksheets cannot be used, transcripts are mandatory, such as WES or any other foreign universities.

Are transcripts compulsory?
No. Transcripts are special documents issued to students only on request. If any organisation demands a transcript then students can apply for the same.

What documents are needed for a transcript?
Identity proof of student, passport size photograph and self-attested scanned copies or photocopies of marksheet. They must be accompanied by a transcript application form and payment receipt to successfully process the transcript request.

Which is the best transcript service provider in India?
Worldwide transcript is the best transcript service provider in India serving more than 13 years, successfully sending transcripts for more than 50+ ECA services across India.


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