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Transcripts For Indians In Toronto

Toronto, the capital of the region of Ontario, is a significant Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. It’s a unique city with a core of taking-off high rises, all overshadowed by the famous, detached CN Tower. It’s also home to some of the best colleges and universities where many of the students seek their admissions. While seeking admission to these universities and colleges of Toronto, getting transcripts from previous educational institutes becomes an essential factor. Those applying for an Undergraduate Course in Toronto would require the transcripts of their Secondary School Education or Pre-University Education. The colleges consistently mention what they need beforehand; the vast majority of the doctoral-level colleges also ask for your school transcripts for Graduate or MBA courses.

Why do we need academic transcripts?

At the point when you would plan to study abroad, whether as an international exchange student for a semester or two, or your full Bachelor’s or Master’s certificate, you have to go through a broad ‘administrative work’ process. If you are applying for a university from abroad, it is a part of the application process that has to be presented. The transcript records are one of those significant reports you’ll need to deal with and ensure the data is appropriately filled in.

How to get your transcripts from Indian Universities in Toronto?

It’s also home to some of the best colleges and universities where many of the students seek their admissions. While seeking admission to the universities and colleges of Toronto, getting transcripts from previous educational institutes becomes an essential factor.

A transcript is ideally an academic record of a student which is mentioned in a sheet that contains the list of the considerable number of courses/subjects contemplated, grades received against every subject, the awards and accomplishments of the students and the degrees given to the student for the whole academic program. The individuals who want their transcripts may directly contact the board of education to which their institutes were affiliated and request a copy transcript which is a time-taking and tedious process or contact Worldwide Transcripts with their proficient team can get your Transcripts procured in less time without much effort and without moving out of Toronto.

Documents Required For Transcripts

  1. All year/semester mark sheets clear copies.
  2. Degree certificate clear copy.
  3. Govt. issued Id proofs or passport copies.
  4. Completely filled-in Transcript application form.
  5. ECA form.

Processing Time For Transcripts.

Generally, the Transcripts usually take about 15-20 working days, but it varies from university to university.

Need Help At Your University?

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Worldwide Transcripts Provides Your Transcript At Your Doorstep And Walk Through Every Step!

Here’s Our Simple, Three-Step Transcript process

  1. Submit your request with an Online Enquiry form of Worldwide Transcripts.
  2. Upload all your credentials, and submit the form.
  3. Once we receive your documents, we verify your document from your university and send it to the ECA, University or Consulate..

Benefits Of Registering With Us

  1. Document security.
  2. Timely Updates.
  3. WhatsApp Support.
  4. Partnered ECA Bodies.
  5. Live Status.
  6. Dedicated Manager.

Steps For Registration

  1. Submit your enquiry forms that are popping on the right side of your screen.
  2. Fill out the form with all the correct information.
  3. Upload all your documents.
  4. Click on the T&C and submit the form.
  5. Our team of executives will reach you soon and we will receive your request.
  6. With all the required information we will process your request with your university.
  7. As soon as we receive your documents we send them to the ECA or Desired university within 24hrs!
  8. Once the transcript is sent to the intended destination you may take your next important step towards your migration to Toronto.


Procurement of Transcripts from a University can become a tedious process if you have no clue about the transcripts procedure, and when you are residing abroad it is even more troublesome to get it done on your own. One has to visit the universities multiple times if the application gets delayed, and there can be other issues that slow down the application process. After confirming your credentials with your university, Worldwide Transcripts streamlines the process by electronically delivering transcripts to your dream destination within 24 hours.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts?

Being an authorised and verified source of documents, Worldwide Transcripts has partnered with 12+ evaluation bodies and has been successful in sending verified transcripts to 50+ evaluation bodies abroad. We have been a trusted name in the documentation procurement industry for over 13 years and have ties to more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24 hours.


Does Indian University send transcripts electronically?
The majority of Indian University will provide a hard copy of the transcript, which is to be shipped to the chosen ECA body or University for valuation, assessment or evaluation. Only a handful of universities will send electronic transcripts to the destination.

How long does it take to get transcripts from an Indian University?
It would normally take up to 10-25 working days to procure transcripts from University, if all the documents are complete in all respect and there is no further requirement raised by the university. The timeline may vary from university to university.

How do I get a copy of my university transcript?
You can request an additional set of transcripts along with the primary application of the transcript. A fee has to be paid for the additional sets and we will start the process along with the primary transcript application.

Do you ship transcripts to WES or Universities in Toronto?
Yes, we ship hard copies of transcripts from University to WES and other Universities in Toronto from the university post office/university pin code.

Where to ship my transcripts?
The transcripts must be shipped in a sealed envelope from the university pin directly. It can be shipped via DHL, FedEx, or India Post or you can take help from Worldwide Transcripts to get it shipped in a reliable and faster way.

How many sets of transcripts are required?
It all depends on the requirement of the ECA/University/Employment house the candidate is in touch with, but we suggest candidates procure at least 3 sets of transcripts so that if any additional requirement is raised it can be honoured in less time frame.