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The West Bengal Government established a committee of experts on December 31, 1998, under the chairmanship of Ashesh Prasad Mitra, Outstanding Specialist to explore the need and scope of the establishment of Engineering/Technology University on the West Bengal stage.

The University officially began operating with consideration of the first Vice-Chancellor’s office on January 15, 2001 as the weekend of the proclamation of the WEST BENGAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY ACT, 2001, under the West Bengal Act XV of 2000 passed by the Western Legislature of Bengal. The University embarked on its academic program, from July 16, 2001 following a Notice from the Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal dated June 15, 2001 on the merger of Engineering and Management Institutions / Colleges and we have entered the eighth year of operation. The University is included in Category 2F and in Category 12B of the UGC and the recipient of the UGC Grant.

We have equal opportunities, a guarantee center and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, class, belief and religion. The University seeks to increase attention to new / novel ideas that may affect all sections of society, especially those that are marginalized. They look at technology from a broader social perspective and organize graduate courses in basic and applied practices. The University has introduced new courses in emerging areas for development, development and higher education. They strive for the efficient use of recurs and believe in implementing every step of business development without compromising the need for cooperation.

Courses Offered :

The most renowned courses offered by MAUKAT University are as mentioned below:

Documents Required To Receive Transcripts from MAUKAT University :

  • Color copy of Mark sheets and Degree
  • Fee Receipt
  • WES Academic Request form.

Process Of MAUKAT University To Receive Transcripts :

Documents need to be submitted at university-

  • You have to fill a form of transcript based on your course.
  • Then you have to make the payment which is a bit complicated which in volves per marksheet costing.
  • The charges include ₹525 per document.
  • The university ask for transcripts form charges.
  • Additional postal charges will be there.

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