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Kakatiya University transcripts – Get Transcripts From Kakatiya University

Get Transcripts From Kakatiya University

Kakatiya University is located at Warangal in Telangana state of India. The university marked a new era of higher education in that region especially in the field of science and technology. Transcripts from Kakatiya University can be obtained from the university directly without much hassle, however for the same you need to have thorough knowledge of the process followed, documents required, when and where to apply so that the transcripts application is not stuck and its procured in a minimalistic timeframe. You should also be informed of whom to reach for or which department to contact if in case the application gets stuck or the procurement is not done in due course of time.

Transcripts are summary of your courses attended, marks and grades achieved in a given course which is of great relevance when you apply for immigration of any sort be it for higher education, job, Permanent residence, H1B visas etc. The Transcripts from Kakatiya University is sent in a sealed envelope duly sealed, signed by the controller of examination, registrar of the university from the university post office / pin code.(1)

What Is Transcript Certificate of Kakatiya University?

Transcripts of Kakatiya University is a concise and summarised details of courses attended in the university along with marks obtained and grades therein within a period of time in a format duly verified by the controller of examination, registrar of the university that certifies the genuinity of the documents to be sent to ECA body, Institution including employment houses and consulates.

How To Get Transcripts From Kakatiya University online?

Transcripts from Kakatiya University can be procured in a faster way if at all the university is online or not. If everything moves as per the process then there is a likelihood that you will receive your transcripts in less possible time.
The university will charge a very reasonable amount for your transcript application.
The timeline for the same will be 35-40 working days.
The university will dispatch the hard copy of the transcripts in a sealed envelope to your desired location from the university campus but you may need help from Worldwide Transcripts if the procurement is delayed and status of the same is not provided to you. (2)

Documents Required For Transcripts

1. Govt. issued ID Proof clear copy.
2. All semester/year marksheets.
3. Consolidated marksheet is a must.

Processing Time For Transcripts

Transcripts from Kakatiya University usually take upto 35-40 working days, but with Worldwide Transcripts you can send your transcripts to your ECA within 24 hours.

Worldwide Transcripts Provides Your Transcript At Your Doorstep And Walk Through Every Step!

We at Worldwide Transcripts enquire about the authenticity of your documents, as we receive your credentials we verify your documents within the standard  of your universities as soon as your documents are verified send it to your ECA abroad, or we deliver it directly to your doorstep in 2 working days, With our digital depository your documents are kept intact without any disrupting, and can be used in future for any other evaluation abroad without going through the whole transcripts process alone.

Here’s Our Simple, Three-Step Transcript process

1. Submit your request with an Online Enquiry form of Worldwide Transcripts.
2. Upload all your credentials, and submit the form.
3. Once we receive your documents, we verify your document from your university, and send it to the ECA.

Need Help At Your University?

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Benefits Of Registering With Us

1. Document security.
2. Timely Updates.
3. WhatsApp Support.
4. Partnered ECA Bodies.
5. Live Status.
6. Dedicated Manager.

Steps For Registration

1. Submit your enquiry forms that are popping on the right side of your screen.
2. Fill the form with all the correct information.
3. Upload all your documents.
4. Click on the T&C and submit the form.
5. Our team of executives will reach you soon and we will receive your request.
6. With all the required information we will process your request with your university.
7. As soon as we receive your documents we send it to the desired ECA within 24hrs!
8. Your transcripts will be processed to your ECA and you are ready to fly abroad.

Transcript Process For WES

  1. Login to WES website portal.
  2. Register and pay the required fee.
  3. You’ll get a reference number after paying the fee and safely enrolling.
  4. Now send your transcripts by courier in a package.
  5. Follow each and every direction offered on the WES website.
  6. Track your courier. WES takes three to four days.


Transcripts from Kakatiya University can become a tedious process if you have no clue about the transcripts procedure, you’ll need to make numerous journeys, and there can be other issues that slow down the application process. After confirming your credentials with your university, Worldwide Transcripts streamlines the process by electronically delivering transcripts to your dream destination within 24 hours.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts?

Being an authorised and verified source of documents, Worldwide Transcripts has partnered with 12+ evaluation bodies and has been successful in sending verified transcripts to 50+ evaluation bodies abroad. We have been a trusted name in the documentation procurement industry for over 13 years and have ties to more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24 hours.


Does Kakatiya University send transcripts electronically?

Kakatiya University will provide a hardcopy of the transcript. But apply via Worldwide Transcripts and you can send your transcripts electronically within 24hrs!

How long does it take to get transcripts from Kakatiya University?

It would normally take upto 35-40 working days to procure transcripts from Kakatiya University. But with Worldwide Transcripts you can send it to ECA of your choice electronically.

How do I get a copy of my university transcript?

Same as procuring transcripts you may also request additional copy of transcript and we will start the process.

Is Kakatiya University transcripts evaluated By WES?

Yes, Kakatiya University is among the premier universities in india and its credentials are accepted and evaluated by WES for sure.

Do you ship transcripts to WES?

Yes we do ship hard copy of transcripts from Kakatiya University to WES from the university post office / university pin code.

Where to ship my transcripts?

The transcripts should be shipped in a sealed envelope from the university pin directly. It can be shipped via DHL, FedEx, or you can take help from Worldwide Transcripts to get it ship in a reliable way.

How many sets of transcripts are required?

It all depends on the requirement of the ECA body but we suggest candidates to procure at least 3 sets of transcripts from universities.

What is (ECA) Educational credential Assessment body?

ECA body is an organisation approved by law applicable to that country to assess educational credentials of the candidates applying for immigration to that country in accordance with the norms and academic achievements to benchmarks them in terms of their standards.


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