Indian Institute of Management Transcripts
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Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
Reviewed by: Vakila Khan

Indian Institute of Management Transcripts – IIM Transcripts

IIM – Indian Institute of Management Transcripts

Documents Required

1. All Year/Semester Mark sheets

2. Degree/passing Certificate

3. WES/IQAS Form

4. Aadhar Card/ Passport

If you are looking for Transcripts from any of the IIM’s or Indian Institute of Management transcripts , you can take help of the below inputs which will simply cut down the stress and efforts for application of Transcripts.

Transcripts from any IIM May be Delhi, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Kozhikode, Indore, Raipur or others which  generally charge 200-500 INR as transcript charges are different for different locations. Even process varies slight a bit. Invariably moreover it is the same. Some of the IIM’s don’t even charge for Transcripts. In fact as we all are acquainted about the significance and notability of IIM’s it is also very professional in providing Transcripts and the process will go off without a hitch as contrast to some of the other Indian Transcripts .

You are very lucky if you are a student of IIM Lucknow when it comes to application for IIM Transcripts as it is free of cost. You will only have to invest Rs. 1400 for the postal charges. Once you’re free from the process it will take 10-15 working days for your Transcripts and it will be sent directly to WES.

As far as IIM Kozikode Transcripts are concerned you will just have to spare a minimal amount of Rs. 250 as the application fee and the rest it remains the same in respect of postal charges and the time taken.  Like mentioned above the mechanism for IIM Transcripts differ slightly from locations to locations otherwise it is almost the same. If you are aware about even one IIM you will easily get through for any other IIM’s.
In case you are unable to travel and visit the University for Transcripts or if you still need a hand to avoid any trouble you can contact us at 9340899870 as we are the best at it.