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The Passion to create something innovative is an important driver for startups. We have been hearing about ideas, innovations and the flames that ignite in young entrepreneurs in their journey towards a successful startup. The global pandemic brought a boom in startups and several countries are opening Immigration doors for Startups.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced 16-January as the National Startup Day. At the time when Shark Tanks India (an Indian business reality Television series on Sony Entertainment) was gaining popularity, this news was taken with much enthusiasm by Indians. Shark Tank features entrepreneurs presenting their business ideas to a panel of Sharks who decide to invest in the idea based on the pitch & business potential.

​​Several other countries are also opening Immigration doors for startups. These countries offer Startup visa programs aimed at individuals with innovative ideas and the passion to develop businesses globally. This Visa allows entrepreneurs to invest funds, raise funds, start a business and look for PR status afterwards (on meeting specific requirements) in a foreign nation. This not just gives an opportunity to entrepreneurs to move internationally but also helps countries boost their economies. 

January 2022, President Joe Biden also proposed ‘Startup visas’ to attract talent to the United States. The proposal talked about opening up new visas for talented individuals from across the world. He emphasised that this as an important step in advancing legislation to enable stronger supply chains and reinvigorate the innovation engine of the country’s economy.

​​What Inspires People to Startup?

Startup culture has taken the business world by storm. Startups help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, work with people having similar passions by creating jobs and simultaneously play an important role in building the economy of the country.
There are several startup books for entrepreneurs that help get business off the ground and stay inspired. And others that talk about the journey of entrepreneurs not just success stories but also failures. Yes, you read that right. Not all startups end up with a success story. But what is common is the dream to achieve something that could be an outcome of a passion, problem, experience or personality.

Here are some of the reasons that inspire people to Startup:

  • Solution to a problem related to own struggles

Several times we find ideas through our own struggles & challenges. When we are dealing with issues such as medical, financial, or career we think of ideas to solve our own problem. 

  • Being their own boss

Not everyone can take orders and work for others, some have the personality to work for themselves in a free environment. These startups could be inspired from passion, education or even family backgrounds. 

  • Addressing the Social issues

We do come across organisations that run for a social cause. The means to give back to society or country. The larger goals remain the same, to solve a problem, a problem faced by millions of people and make an impact in the community at a larger level.

  • Expanding Existing Business

We all love our country but simultaneously we seek opportunities in other countries for better prospects, education, investments or expansions. Not just for Indians, this is true for foreign entrepreneurs investing in India as well. What we see next is diverse culture, beliefs, customs, art, and traditions. There are several opportunities for entrepreneurs to obtain non-immigrant visas through the StartUp Visa programs for existing or new business and products.

Startup Visa Countries: Entrepreneur Visa

The confidence and aspirations of the entrepreneurs to turn their dream into reality is taking a new shape today. The range of countries offering Startup Visa programs is impressive. 

Check the list of countries offering a startup visa (entrepreneur visa) program here: Startup Visa Countries: The Ultimate Entrepreneur Visa Guide in 2022. Below we cover 3 countries that have opened doors for Startups and Businesses with immigration & startup visa programs. 

Every country has a different set of requirements and processes to establish a company in their country. It is the entrepreneur who needs to evaluate and choose the country that best meets the target audience of the product. Also, review & analyse the requirements to meet the qualifying criteria for the specific country.

Opening Immigration doors for Startups

Startups are a massive boost for economies, and many countries around the world recognize this. Governments offer fast-track residency and citizenship through Startup visa programs. Here are the top 3 countries that have startup visas programs for people around the world.


  • Canada PR with the StartUp Visa Program

The Canada Startup Visa program is one of the most entrepreneur-friendly visa programs that offers permanent residency (Canada PR) for qualifying startups. By offering Canadian PR to qualifying Startup entities, the government is able not only retain and attract foreign-born entrepreneurs but also grow the economy and compete with other countries. 

If you have an innovative business idea to create jobs & compete with the global economy, you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada through their StartUp visa program. It is important to carefully review all requirements to qualify for the Startup Visa, you may read the eligibility requirements here. One of the important steps in this process is WES Evaluation (World Education Services). WES is mandatory for a Canada PR. While you work on your Business & Immigration, we provide the required support in the WES process.

  • Settle in Australia: Business Innovation Visa

Australia attracts foreign entrepreneurs and investors through a program called Australia Business Innovation Visa. This program gives the opportunity to start, expand, or move businesses in Australia. Along with entrepreneurial activity, the program also gives an opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship along with family members. 

It is mandatory to be nominated by a state or territory government or Australian agency to be eligible to apply. Get the details of the Visa program here: Business Innovation and Investment Visa, Australia.

  • United Kingdom Innovator visa

With an established startup network and a well organised formation process, the UK is known to be a great destination for startups. The UK Innovator Visa or Startup Visa is designed for entrepreneurs who wish to set up and run a new & innovative business in the UK. Business plans with significant growth prospects and innovation have greater chances to qualify during the Visa application process. Eventually entrepreneurs also stand a chance to apply for settlement and attain permanent Immigration status in the UK. Check out the detailed eligibility requirements and qualifying criteria here.


World Education Services: WES Transcripts

WES Transcript evaluation is mandatory for both education and employment. WES helps in verification of the candidates educational credentials and gives a clear evaluation of degree/qualifications obtained from another country. 

A transcript is an official document issued by an educational institution in the form of a sealed and stamped/signed envelope. These envelopes contain a detailed list of all the courses pursued in a program with the associated grades/marks received by the student during his education at the institute/college. eTranscripts are also issued by some institutions which are PDF documents of the official transcript, with security features. These are considered official if the final recipient directly receives the document by email from the issuing body.

Every country in the world has their own educational system that varies on different parameters and scoring systems. Transcript evaluation is the process of interpreting these transcripts earned from one country in terms of the educational system of another country. 

WES Evaluation helps academic institutions, professional licensing bodies and immigration authorities in evaluating transcripts to determine their reliability and equivalency as per country specific criteria. WES Transcripts evaluations are mandatory for students as well as candidates applying for PR / immigration programs.

Worldwide Transcripts makes the process of getting these transcripts extremely simple. With our connections with the colleges and universities, we provide seamless support to our students and PR clients. We also provide required support in filling in the WES evaluation forms and completing the process with ease.



Do you have an innovative startup idea that could qualify for a startup business idea? Go ahead and give life to your dreams by expanding your horizons abroad with opportunities introduced by Startups Visa programs.

Governments across the world are looking for innovative ideas and opening immigration doors for Startups. We hope this blog will inspire you to take the first step to learn and explore the Startup visa opportunities abroad.

We at World Wide Transcripts are here to help you and support you with Canada PR, WES Evaluations and Immigration documents while you focus on your ideas and work towards fulfilling the qualifying criteria. Do contact us to know more about our services and how we facilitate the process of our aspiring entrepreneurs.

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