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The National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB)

The National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB)

National Dental Examination Board or NDEB Canada is a non-profit organization established to preserve national standards in the field of dentistry in Canada. NDEB established in the year 1952 and headquartered in Ottawa-Ontario, Canada has been assigned the role of checkpoint to maintain the standards along with verifying the credentials of individuals who do apply for dentist registration in the country. NDEB works in line with the Canadian Faculties of Dentistry, the body looking after Dental Accreditation of Canada along with Provincial Dental Regulatory Authorities for top-class dental care in Canada by incorporating innovative and globally renowned assessment techniques which are reliable to the core. More than 1000 dentists from around the globe and Canada are certified by NDEB Canada.

Region Covered:

Serving the whole of Canada while swiftly and proactively evaluating candidates as per Canadian Standards from more than 100 countries.

Documents Required:

These are to be incorporated along with the application of evaluation.

    • Original/Official Dental Transcript sent directly by the issuing educational institution or board of studies.
    • Clear photocopy of all certificates/diplomas/degree certificates in order to complete the evaluation.

Evaluation Types:

The evaluation program is generally classified into three processes.

1. Equivalency Process.: Accreditation in Canada is determined by CDAC (Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada). A dental program that is not recognized by the CDAC is considered non-accredited by the body and NDEB(1) defines it as a dental degree program from a university/body that is recognised by the government of the country where it is located. This program has special relevance to India and the candidates who are looking for dental studies/opportunities in Canada. A candidate will ideally receive NDEB Evaluation report within 20 weeks. 

Process flow of NDEP Equivalency process:

The equivalency Process application to NDEB requires credential verification. An online profile has to be created before submitting the required documents. Please refer to the criteria for required documents available in the online portal.

STEP 1: Review the Required Documents

Review the required documents, and other resources developed to help with the application process. This information has been developed to help you submit the correct documents in the required formats the first time. Credential verification can be a long process, submitting documents incorrectly will delay the approval of your application.

STEP 2: Create an NDEB Connect account

Visit the URM and click on Create Account to create a new NDEB Connect account. NDEBConnect is the only place where you can register, and track your application, and service requests as well as your current certification status.

STEP 3: Submit All Listed Documents

Once your online NDEB Online profile is created a list of Documents Required is generated and a candidate has to submit all the documents enlisted along with Dentistry transcripts, NDEB Equivalency Process form and include it with your documents.

After submission of all the required documents along with NDEB Transcripts and other documents as mentioned in the NDEB documents required list for evaluation. A candidate has to wait for 6 to 20 weeks to receive a detailed NDEB Transcript report post NDEB document submission.

2. Certification Process: Accredited dental programs graduates are individuals who have completed an undergraduate dental study by a university/dental institution which is recognized by the CDAC (Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada).

A few of the CDAC-accredited universities/institutions belong to Canada, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland 

3. Speciality Certification: Dental specialities certification refers to advance courses and training in a specific discipline of Dental Studies in Canada. In total there are nine dental specialities in Canada to choose from and undergo to practise dentistry in Canada.

Fee applicable:

The fee applicable during the course of the equivalency Process is as mentioned below:

    • Application Fee (one-time non-refundable fee)   $ 900.00

Examination Fees

    • Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK) $ 1000.00

    • Assessment of Clinical Judgement (ACJ) $ 1350.00

    • NDECC fee $ 9000.00

    • NDECC: Clinical Skills Component $ 4500.00

    • NDECC: Situational Judgment Component $ 4500.00 


Worldwide Transcripts can arrange to send E-Transcripts directly from University/Institute /Board to NDEB for further evaluation.

Points to remember:

  • The NDEB reserves the right to change its requirements at any time and/or request additional documents to verify eligibility to participate in the NDEB Equivalency Process.
  • Except for original educational documents submitted to NDEB, all other documents submitted become the property of NDEB and shall not be returned.
  • Documents issued directly to the NDEB by an institution or licensing body will not be provided to the applicant or a third-party organization.
  • A candidate has to wait for 6 to 20 weeks to receive a detailed NDEB Transcript report post the required NDEB document submission.

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What is NDEB examination?

NDEB is a Canadian body which sets and maintains a standard of competence with reference to Canada. 

How many times can you take the NDEB?

A candidate can appear a maximum of 3 times in the NDEB examination.

Is an Indian Dental degree valid in Canada?

As per NDEB guidelines, an Indian degree doesn't appear on the NDEB Accredited program list. A candidate has to complete the NDEB equivalency process and obtain an NDEB Evaluation report before applying for licensing to practise as a registered dentist in Canada.

What happens after I clear NDEB?

If a candidate has opted for and has received the NDEB Evaluation report which states clearance of the NDEB equivalency program the candidate is free to practise dentistry in Canada. Candidates can also opt for a 1-year residency in general practice or any special program as a Post Graduate program which will give further additional clinical training and certification.

What is the NDEB process timeline?

The certification process varies depending on the program chosen by the client. If an individual is eligible to undergo the certification exam it can take up to 6 to 18 months to get NDEB Evaluation Report. The timeline also depends on the number of attempts an individual requires to clear the examination.

Who all apply for the NDEB examination?

Immigrants from across the globe who are seeking immigration and practise dentistry in Canada apply for the NDEB examination and get their degree certificate/dental transcripts obtained in their respective country evaluated by NDEB and compared as per the Dentistry norms of Canada. Dentists who want to immigrate to Canada from a non-accredited dental program have to undergo an NDEB equivalency process in order to practice dentistry as licensed dentists in Canada.

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