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IQAS (International Qualification Assessment service)

How to get your Transcript evaluated from IQAS

IQAS – International Qualification Assessment service (IQAS) assists individuals in obtaining acknowledgment for education and accreditation earned outside of Canada. IQAS delivers certificates that assess foreign educational credentials to Canadian educational requirements. The International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) created the International Education Guides to assist educational institutions, employers, and professional licensing organizations in making judgments about international credentials recognition.

IQAS Canada compare and contrast educational systems from around the world with Canadian educational standards. The assessment guidelines are based on considerable study and well-documented standards and criteria. This study effort, which is a first in Canada, is based on a diverse set of foreign resources and the IQAS program’s extensive knowledge.

These resources can help organizations make correct and timely choices about the
recognition of overseas qualifications. The International Education Guides are
a tool that compares Alberta standards to those of other nations and can help
anyone make decisions like:

  • Employers who want to know if an application with international credentials fits the educational requirements for a position and how to compare the applicant’s credentials to Alberta and Canadian educational standards.
  • Educational institutions that need to determine whether a prospective student meets the educational requirements for admission and need accurate and reliable information about another country’s educational system.
  • Professional licensing bodies that need to determine whether an applicant meets the educational requirements for licensing bodies.          

Services offered by IQAS

Arts and culture
Business and economy
Driving and transportation
Education and training        
Emergencies and public safety
Family and social supports
Housing and community
Jobs and employment
Law and justice
Life events
Moving to Alberta
Parks and recreation


Step 1 – know how the IQAS works, find out the requirements who can apply.

Step 2 – Cost of one Applicant

  • There are no additional fees if you require more than one credential evaluated, however it will take at least 4 weeks longer than usual processing timeframes.
  • Fee for application: $200 Courier rates are $15 for a Canadian address and $75 for a foreign address.


Any charges held in process of ECA like courier charges they are non-refundable.An evaluation does not imply that: a job, a successful immigration application, and a license to practice your trade .

Step 3 – Decide your Evaluation to be accessed

  • If your credentials cannot be verified or are from an unrecognized educational institution or program, an ECA will not be provided. Your application will be cancelled and you will be notified by IQAS.
  • An ECA may not result in the Express Entry application conclusion you desire. Your qualifications are assessed against Canadian educational norms, which may differ from those in the country where you received your education.

IQAS cannot access –

  • Incomplete credentials.
  • Anything that isn’t secondary or high school (for example, primary or elementary level)
  • Non-academic credentials (for example, excel training)
  • Qualifications for work (for example, chartered accountant designation)
  • Professional or trade school education (for example, diesel mechanics program)
  • Credentials obtained in Canada. 

Only your highest completed or granted educational credential must be evaluated for an ECA. It will take at least 4 weeks longer than usual processing times if you require more than one certification assessed.

Step 4 – Gather your Documents 

  • Original documents should only be sent if absolutely necessary.
  • IQAS is not liable for non-required original documents and will not return them if they are submitted.
  • IQAS does not return notarized or certified copies or transcripts of documents.

Prepare clear and legible scans or digital images of your identification, proof of name change (if applicable), and all educational credentials (degrees or diplomas) for the education you want assessed to upload with your online application.

  • You can upload relevant documents in the ‘Document Checklist’ portion of your online application.
  • Please give your uploads a descriptive name and make sure they correspond to the relevant document on the checklist.
  • When your application is checked for completeness, you will be alerted if you forget or do not attach a mandatory document.
  • Upload a good scan or photo of the PhD degree and the thesis cover page for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees.

Step 5: Submit original transcripts or verifiable transcripts.

  • Preferred Documents – Electronic transcripts
  • Transcripts by an issuing authority
  • Transcripts mailed by an applicant.

Step 6: Complete the online Application

  • Using the IQAS application portal, complete and submit the online application.
  • Make sure your application is submitted with all the required documents like your ID proof, passports, proof of name change, etc.

    Don’t forget to check their website to get an in-depth view of their workings.

          There are no additional fees if you require more than one credential evaluated, however it will take at least 4 weeks longer than usual processing timeframes.

          Fee for application: $200 Courier rates are $15 for a Canadian address and $75 for a foreign address

IQAS is considered one of the preferred credential evaluators, although it takes some time to evaluate but the evaluation process is worth considering your evaluation and verification with IQAS is just done right. We at Worldwide transcripts proud ourself on being partners to IQAS, are here to assist you in making all of the facts easier to grasp and specific in resolving any questions you may have about the IQAS procedure and delivering Electronic Transcripts round the clock.

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