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Marksheet / Degree Certificates

International travel requires a wide range of documentation to be done. With the present hectic ways of life, it tends to be hard to gather and collate all the documents from different establishments like schools, colleges, workplaces, and many more. We at Worldwide Transcript streamline your process of obtaining a document with an end to [...]
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GCMS Notes

Introduction – What Is GCMS Or ATIP Notes ? Often we get a tracking ID for every order we make online. This is a simple facility that gives a great of peace of mind because we know where our parcel is and when we will be receive it. Wouldn’t it be great if we also [...]
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Worldwide Transcripts has its official network all through India in helping individuals for getting their educational transcripts from different Universities in India. Our Transcripts Services focuses on individuals who require WES, ICAS, IQAS, PEBEC accreditation confirmation / authentication / transcripts, etc. yet can’t visit Universities on their own because of their own professional commitment. We [...]
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Marksheet Transcripts

An ECA bodies like WES (1) / IQAS (2) /ICAS (3) / CES (4) & many more looks at your degrees to its Canadian equivalent; you won’t need an ECA for any training you received in Canada. In any case, if you have more than one post-secondary degree, you typically just need to have your degree evaluated which is highest. But, you should get the [...]
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Medium of Instruction

The mother tongue of a person is the language he or she has spoken since childhood. It is the person’s only and first language. This is also true in India, where English is becoming more widely used as a school language. As a result, Indian students are denied the benefits of receiving an education in [...]
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Migration Certificates

Migration Certificate As the name itself defines it’s a certificate issued from your college  or school to you when you change current institution to a new institution or any boards like CBSE (1) or NCERT (2) in the same state or any other state this acts as your documentation proof of you being part of that institution. This certificate [...]
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Convocation Certificates

A convocation (from the Latin convo-care meaning “to call/come together” it is an official gathering mostly academic or ecclesiastical. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world “ – Nelson Mandela A memorable day in a student’s life with all the hard work, difficult roads a day finally comes where you [...]
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