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Birth Certificate

Birth Certificates are issued at time you were born If your birth was registered, then it is easy to get the certificate. Check with Registrar of Births and Deaths giving the details like date of birth and name of parents and name of hospital if you were born in a hospital. (In some areas of [...]
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Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is an official declaration that states that two people are married. In India, Marriages are registered either under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 (1) or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 (2). For both types of marriages, a marriage certificate is legitimate proof that a couple is married. Required documents for Marriage certificate includes – 1.Application [...]
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Divorce Certificate

A Divorce Declaration Certificate is a very important personal document that needs to be legalized. Verification of Divorce Decision Certificate is mandatory in proving your identity and a document. The legalization process is implemented by a traditional government that gives permission to enter a foreign country. The government official concerned needs to be recognized as [...]
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