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Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
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Important Things About Embassy Attestation That You Must Know


Migration is a more detailed process than what one can imagine it to be. When a person migrates from one country to another, be it for better life prospects, education, or job, they need to follow various processes. One crucial element of these processes is proper documents.

Of course, you would require your validated passport and visa details. But that is not all. You would also need to do something called an embassy certificate attestation. It is getting all your documents attested by a legalized body of authority, here the embassy, so that you can use them when you are abroad. If you plan to get an embassy certificate attestation, read on to find out everything about it.


Getting an embassy certificate attestation is a little more than just obtaining an attestation. It requires a proper stamp from the embassy. It verifies the identity of the person or company in question and is preceded by verification from MEA.

This is necessary because this attestation assures your documents’ credibility to the authority of the country you are migrating to. It is like a seal of authenticity from one government to another, ensuring that the individual in question is genuine and has good intentions for coming to another country.

What are embassy certificate services?

The embassy attestation services and procedures differ from country to country. These procedures demand detailed execution and are only taken care of by authorized government personnel. One cannot commit any careless mistakes here and thus needs experts to look over the process.

The process is a lengthy one and goes through various stages of verifications before the embassy verifies it finally. Embassy certificate services can help you through this procedure by providing you expert advice and doing many formalities on your behalf.

Many such services include:

  • HRD embassy attestation
  • State attestation
  • Translation services
  • Attestation from Chamber of Commerce

Procedure for embassy attestation in India

As mentioned above, the embassy attestation process is a meticulous one.
Here is how it is done in India:

1. At the regional level

This is the initial level and requires legalization from the notary. You may also approach the University which issued the documents initially. For commercial documents, you can approach the Chamber of Commerce.

2. At the state level

As per the requirements of your documents, legalization at this level can be done from three sources. The first would be the Human Resource Department; the second would be the State Home Department; and lastly, Sub-Divisional Magistrate. Though the last one is not a part of the government, its verification is still considered state level.

3. At MEA

This step is the last step of authentication from the home government and is carried out by the Ministry of External Affairs. After this point, an MEA sticker or stamp is attached to your documents.

4. At embassy

This step is handed over to the country’s embassy, for which the documents are being verified. This would be the last step in the authentication method in most countries.

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