Vellore University Transcript 
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Written by: Abhishek Chatterjee
Reviewed by: Vakila Khan

Vellore University Transcripts, Tamil Nadu – Get Transcripts from University of Vellore

Get Transcripts from University of Vellore


Near Katpadi Rd


Tamil Nadu – 632014

Documents Required:

  1. All Year/Semester Mark sheets
  2. Degree/passing Certificate
  3. WES/IQAS Form
  4. Aadhar Card/ Passport

Get Transcripts from Vellore University/University in Vellore.

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These are some imperative notes that you need to take care off for getting your Transcripts from Vellore TN. You can get through easily.

Just like all the Indian Universities Vellore Transcripts requires you to submit the scan copies of the above documents. Also submit the application form with the Application fees. The cost of one set of Transcript is 2000 INR. You don’t have to wait much, your Transcript will be ready within 15 days which is usually taken by most of the universities.
Your Transcript will be sent to WES directly by Vellore University so your courier responsibility is waived off.
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