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If you’re planning to study or work in the United States, you may need to have your educational credentials evaluated. Credential evaluation is the procedure used to evaluate a person’s educational background who has obtained their education outside of the United States. The goal of Credential evaluation is to provide a proper evaluation of the educational credentials, including verification of whether the degree, GPA, and course undertaken are equivalent to the United States education system or not. This is where Scholaro comes in, for people who want to study or work in the US, Scholaro is a service that evaluates credentials. It accurately assesses credentials from other countries. Going further we will explore more details and the benefits of Scholaro for credential evaluation.


The Scholaro’s Evaluation System:

In Scholaro’s evaluation process, documents are authenticated, academic credentials are assessed, and a thorough report outlining the applicant’s educational history is delivered. Making an account on the Scholaro website and entering personal and academic data are the first steps in the evaluation procedure. The person is then required to upload scanned copies of their academic records, such as transcripts, degrees, and diplomas.

By comparing the documents to the original records from the educational institution, Scholaro confirms the legitimacy of the educational documents that the person has provided. Also confirmed by Scholaro is the institution’s accreditation and recognition by the relevant authorities in the nation where the degree was earned.

Why should I evaluate credentials via Scholaro?

Using Scholaro for credential evaluation has several advantages which are as mentioned below.

Trustworthy and accurate evaluation:

Scholaro offers a trustworthy and accurate evaluation of foreign educational credentials. Universities, employers, and licencing boards all acknowledge and accept the evaluation of Scholaro in the United States.

Efficient Process:

Scholaro’s evaluation procedure is streamlined and effective. An individual must register for a Scholaro account on the website by providing personal and academic data, and upload scanned copies of their academic records in order to use Scholaro.

Budget Friendly:

The evaluation cost varies and depends on the type of evaluation required, the country of origin of the educational credential documents. Scholaro provides different types of evaluation, including course-by-course evaluation, document evaluation, and evaluation for professional licensure. The evaluation cost is generally much lower than the cost of undertaking a course in the United States of America.

Broad Acceptance:

Universities, employers, and licencing boards in the United States all highly regard Scholaro’s evaluation reports. Accordingly, people who have Scholaro as their evaluation service provider can use the evaluation report to apply for jobs, professional licences, or admission to universities or to apply for professional licences all across the United States of America.

Post the documents’ verification, Scholaro assesses the educational credentials by assessing the educational credentials provided by the college or university where the degree was obtained, the programme of study, and the program’s length. Additionally, Scholaro evaluates the student’s course content, including its relevance and significance to the American educational system.(1)

Scholaro's Categories of Assessment

Scholaro assists people, businesses, and institutions in getting timely, accurate evaluations of foreign educational credentials. They can assess diplomas and academic records from any nation and create general and course-by-course evaluations for licencing, college admission, immigration, and employment or depending upon the requirement. Scholaro evaluation reports have been successfully submitted to NASA, USPTO, USCIS, numerous colleges and universities, and private businesses. (2)

Different categories of credential evaluation provided by Scholaro –

General Evaluation of Document:

In this category of evaluation, the educational records that the applicant has provided are assessed. This includes determining the U.S. equivalent degree and validating the documents’ authenticity. This Evaluation is recommended for immigration due to a job or higher education in the USA.

Course-by-Course Evaluation:

In this category of evaluation, the educational credentials are assessed in accordance with the U.S. education system along with GPA, and courses are determined. For university admission or job applications, this level of evaluation is ideally necessary. This category of evaluation also assesses the educational backgrounds of candidates for professional licensing purposes in the USA. People in the legal or healthcare fields ideally require  frequent need to undergo this level of evaluation.

Worldwide Transcripts process for Scholaro Inc :

  • As soon as the candidate enquired on our website he is prompted to fill and submit the data form about his requirement with the ECA body.

  • Post data submission by the candidate our in-house business Development team gets the candidate on call explaining the complete process and other relevant information related.

  • Once the candidate invites quotation for service to be rendered, and upon consent on the same and payment processed by the candidate we request candidate to share the clear scan documents in PDF for further processing and procurement.

  • Going further the documents are sent for verification and further submission for transcript procurement.

  • Within a stipulated time the Transcripts are procured and as required hard copy of the transcript is shipped / E-Transcript on request and availability.

Scholaro Evaluation cost:

Evaluation from Scholaro Evaluators can be done for College Admission (Higher Education), Employment, Professional Licensing, Immigration (USCIS).

The cost of the evaluation depends largely on the evaluation category required and the country of origin of the educational credentials. Fees required by Scholaro are competitive  to other credential evaluation services.

Scholaro Evaluation Charges at a glance

Each additional degree/program$105.00

Rush Service

3-Day Rush$59.00
Next-Day Rush$179.00
Same-Day Rush$250.00

Additional Services

Certification for USCIS$15.00


Scholaro is a member of The Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE). AICE is an organization that formulates guidelines and standards for credential evaluation services, requiring to adhere to a strict code of ethics and are subject to periodic evaluations to ensure that they maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity.


Educational credential reports provided by Scholaro Inc. are widely recognised and accepted by American Universities, employers and Licensing boards across the country. This implies that the individuals who got their credentials evaluated by Scholaro may use their Evaluation report to apply for higher education in any university across US and the same applies for Job and licensing.

Document requirement for candidates/Applicants from Indian subcontinent

Type of document

Issuing Authority

Certified Educational documents / Transcript

University / Institution / Board

A copy of a document that is certified by the issuing authority in University / Institute / Board of studies in proper format preferably a transcript.

Schalaro Evaluation Report


The evaluation report includes course content, GPA, and a degree equivalent in the United States. The evaluation of the educational institution, the course of study, and the length of the programme is also included in the report. Candidate may be requested to submit a certified and Legalized English translation of the document may be required if it is issued in any language other than english to prove the authenticity of the document issued.


Standard completion times for the report are within 7-10 business days, but expedited services are also offered for a fee.


As it is widely known that Indian immigrants are keen on migrating to United States. Apart from that the Scholaro Inc. immigration process is oriented towards providing credential evaluation to candidates who are interested in migrating. There is no doubt that India prefers US most for immigration and Scholaro Inc. may be the best choice for credential evaluation for candidates applying to immigrate to the United States which can be for higher education, employment or professional licensing.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts

Being an authorised and verified source of documents, Worldwide Transcripts has partnered with 12+ evaluation bodies and has been successful in sending verified transcripts to 50+ evaluation bodies abroad. We have been a trusted name in the documentation procurement industry for over 13 years and have ties to more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24 hours.

Why to Evaluate Credentrials for US immigration?

You may have to get your educational credentials evaluated to demonstrate that the educational qualification one posses in the country have to be equivalent to the standards or norms of the Us educational system.

What is Evaluation report and what kind of evaluation to get?

Evaluation report is a detailed report on your Education degree and its requivalance to the US education system. The kind of evaluation to get depends largely on the reason of your migration. As in the Generel Evaluation report provided by Scholaro is required for immigration due to higher education and Couse by course may be recommended in immigration for Job or Licensing purpose.

Which service provider to select?

Selecting a organization that is an verified member of Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE). This ensures that your evaluation report is authentic, as per the norms laiddown.

What are the documents required and how much time to get an evaluation report?

Documents like Marksheets, Degree certificates and transcripts issued by the institution/university/board are required to get an evaluation report. The Scholaro’s time efficient service takes around 5 to 7 business days to generate evaluation report but a candidate can also request for rush Service to get the evaluation report at the shortest possible timeframe of 1 day.

Will USCIS accept Scholaro evaluation?

Yes for sure. As Scholaro INc. is the verified member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE) and the reports are prepared basis recommendation of the National Council for Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials which are accepted by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).

Do they need Original Documents?

Scholaro can prepare evaluation reports based on the documents sent electronically by Worldwide Transcripts. The entire process is digital and secured by various security protocol.

Can I use a Marksheet instead of a transcript?

No, transcript and marksheet are used for different purposes. Marksheets are scattered records of your semester/Yearly records. While transcripts are consolidated records of your subjects and grades throughout the year. 

Are transcripts compulsory?

Depending upon the requirement, transcript can be compulsory. Some foreign universities ask for it while some do not. WES, IQAS, ECE, IQAS, EP and others require transcripts for evaluation as per their standards. So, students must request an MGU transcript if they are asked to submit the same.

What documents are needed for a transcript?

Identify proof, Degree, ECA Form,  Photograph and copies of mark sheets.

Which is the best transcript service provider in India?

Worldwide transcript is the best transcript service provider maintaining its proud presence for serving more than 800+ universities from 50+ ECA services With tie-ups with major credential evaluators, universities and institutions, worldwide transcripts process student’s application effortlessly and on time.

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