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Certificate Attestation & Commercial Documents Attestation

Going abroad requires a number of formalities. Whether you are going abroad for travel purposes, study, business or work, you have to submit several documents to get a clearance and get a smooth entry to a foreign land without any interruption. Since a lot of documents are involved in this process, such as passports, visas, the purpose of travel statement, business incorporation certificate, university or job appointment letter, etc. it becomes very important that there should be a proper checking system for these documents. Certificate attestation is the checkpoint of the document verification process that solves this problem.


Certificate attestation is the process of verifying a document and certifying it as a genuine and authentic document. Attestation of documents legalises the document to be accepted in other countries. When a certificate attestation is done for countries which are part of the Hague Convention, then it is called an Apostille certificate.

What Is Commercial Document Attestation?

When the business documents need attestation before they can be used abroad, it is called commercial certificate attestation. A business document can be anything related to any kind of business such as a purchase invoice, shipping receipt, business incorporation certificate, etc. All these documents first need to be authenticated and attested by the respective commercial attestation board. 


Why Are Document Attestations Necessary?

With the rise in forgery, fraud and threat to citizens and businesses of a country, there was a need for proper screening of foreign visitors. Though it can’t completely mitigate these problems, document attestation helps a lot in solving this problem. The attested document certifies that the visitor and his purpose of the visit are genuine and he may not impose any kind of threat to the country’s security and economy whatsoever.

Where To Do Document Attestation?

The document attestation is done at various stages, right from the issuance of the document to the submission of the document. For example, a student seeking admission abroad needs to get his academic transcripts attested at the state HRD department first then MEA (1) and then the embassy if required. Similarly, if someone is looking to start a new office abroad, he will need to get his commercial documents first attested at the respective chamber of commerce, then MEA and then the embassy.

How Much Time Does It Take To Do Certificate Attestation?

Since a lot of government departments are responsible for document attestation, the processing time to verify and certify a document can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. In many cases, it can be done within 5 to 10 working days as well. A number of factors determine the duration of document attestation such as who the issuing authority is, which country it is required for, are there any public holidays in between, etc. It is recommended to get your certificate attestation processed way before you apply for foreign travel.


Getting your documents attested from a certified source can be a tedious process if you are not updated with how the documentation procedure works like, Worldwide Transcripts have been the certified source of your documentation and has successfully delivered 10.000+ attestations certificates to clients till date, If you are struggling for your transcripts look no further and get your certified attestations today. 


What is an attestation certificate?

Attested certificate is a seal and signed on your documents by the government officials that proves the genuinity of your documents.

How do I get an attestation document?

You can directly apply to the govt officials or MEA or you can directly reach out to Worldwide Transcripts and get your documents attested in no time. 

How much time will it take to get documents attested?

It ideally takes about 3-4 working days to get your documents attested from certified sources.  


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