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A Guide To Writing A Killer Academic Transcript

An academic transcript is one of the first things you need while applying for higher education or research opportunities. The document is of grave importance, yet we’re never formally taught how to write one.

An academic transcript is a long document that consists of many details, and hence, formatting is crucial to know that your academic history is being presented with clarity. Hence, we’ve brought you a guide to writing the perfect academic transcript.

First of all, what is an academic transcript?

An academic transcript is an official record of your academic credentials. It contains a student’s personal information, the number of classes attended, final grades, grade point averages, and many other achievements. For applying to most universities, having a high school transcript is compulsory.

Your high school should provide you with an academic transcript at the end of each academic year in most situations. If not, some schools hand it over to you upon request. You can request an academic transcript by writing a letter to the principal directly. In case you want to do it yourself, you can even ask your teacher to assist you with the task.

What’s the format?

The format of an academic transcript is relatively simple. You have some key components that make up an academic transcript. Your goal is to focus on each of these sections one at a time and stitch them all together for the final result. Here are the key things to include –

  • Personal information – It includes your name, contact details, home address, etc. It comes at the very top of your academic transcript and helps the reader start with your introduction.

It also includes your year of graduation, your cumulative GPA, and your date of birth. If it’s an official transcript issued by the school, it will also include some rudimentary information to help the recruiter identify your school in his official records.

  • Your educational credentials in detail – This is the central part of the academic transcript and has to be immaculate in brevity and detail. Let’s talk more about this in the next section.

  • Your achievements – The section comes at the end of your transcript. Many students use this space to mention their highlights as a student.

In case you find the process hard, you should know that many companies offer credential evaluation services and you can avail them for maximum benefit.

Your academic information

It is the primary purpose of your academic transcript. It essentially helps a person know your detailed performance in school and know your stronger points and weaker points.

Begin with writing about each year segmented in different semesters and list all the subjects you took in that semester. Alongside every subject, mention how many credits it was worth and your final grade by the end of the semester. You can also just write ‘P’ or ‘F’ if it was a pass-fail class.

Once you do this, you should write your final GPA for that semester. Repeat the process for all the semesters and move on to writing your achievements. This can be receiving a prize for excellence in academics, sports, or any other extracurricular activity.

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