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How to get Transcripts from JAMMU UNIVERSITY?

Transcripts from Jammu University

The University of Jammu, was conceptualised and established in the year 1969 who is now accredited as Grade ‘A+’ by NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council of India). The university provides state of the art educational facilities and programmes of academic growth and facility to carry out research in areas of applied nature and technology promoting protection, maintenance and incorporation of the cultural diversity of the region, state and nation.

Jammu university process can be tedious and you have to go from one department to department to find the right direction for complete transcript processing and finally procurement. One must have the complete knowledge of the departments, key persons involved and contacts if in case the process gets delayed or gets stuck.

What Is Transcript Certificate Of Jammu University

Transcripts certificates from Jammu University(1) holds the record of all academic performances throughout the year, duly sealed, signed and attested from the controller of examination or registrar of your university and further processed for your evaluation abroad by an ECA body like ECE(2), CES(3), IQAS(4),  EP(5)

How To get Jammu University transcript?

There are ways to get a Jammu University transcript but applying for the transcripts online is the most convenient way and a candidate can apply for the transcript online from the university portal. But it may so happen that the majority of time university web page is unresponsive, inactive or offline and the transcript applications are not processed in time coupled with other issues like  payment gateway issue and application form not submitted. A minor error even in a single document which is mandatory to be submitted can delay the transcript process.

Documents Required For Transcripts

  1. All year/semester mark-sheets clear copy.
  2. Degree certificate clear copy.
  3. Govt. issued Id proofs or passport copy. 
  4. Completely filled-in Transcript application form. 
  5. ECA form.

Processing Time For Transcripts

Jammu University Transcripts usually take about 25-30 working days, it depends on your university if the website is working without any glitches and university internal workflow is smooth. It could be either done within  10-15 working days.

Here’s Our Simple, Three-Step Transcript process

  1. Submit your request through the online enquiry form on our website.
  2. Upload the required documents on the portal.
  3. Once your documents are verified from your university, we will further move for procuring your transcripts, sending it your desired ECA for Evaluation. 

Steps For Registration

  1. Send in the enquiry forms that are visible on your screen.
  2. Complete the necessary info on the form.
  3. Don’t forget to click the checkbox T&C button before applying. And submit your enquiry.
  4. One of our executives onboard will get in touch with you soon as we receive your request.
  5. We will handle your request with your University after we have received all the verified information.
  6. We transfer your credentials to the chosen ECA within 24 hours of receiving your hardcopy.
  7. You will receive a confirmation for your evaluation following the submission of your transcripts to your ECA abroad.
  8. Here’s a sampleJammu University on the right side of the screen.

Need Help At Your University?

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Worldwide Transcripts Provides Your Transcript At Your Doorstep And Walk Through Every Step!

Benefits Of Registering With Us

  1. Secured document transmission.
  2. Whatsapp Support.
  3. Easy Credential verification process. 
  4. Electronic Delivery.
  5. Digital Depository.
  6. Dedicated service expert.

Transcript Process For WES

  1. Access the WES  portal.
  2. Sign in and fill the form with your request. 
  3. Following payment of the price and secure enrollment, you will receive a reference number.
  4. Send a package containing your transcripts by courier or electronically 
  5. Go  with all of the instructions provided on the WES website.
  6. Follow your emails.Three to four days from WES.


If you don’t know how to request transcripts from Jammu University, be ready to make several trips to your university, and there may be other complications that delay the application process. Within 24 hours of your university verifying your credentials, Worldwide Transcripts streamlines the procedure by electronically sending your transcripts to your desired location.

Why Trust Worldwide Transcripts

Being an authorised and verified source of documents, Worldwide Transcripts has partnered with 12+ evaluation bodies and has been successful in sending verified transcripts to 50+ evaluation bodies abroad. We have been a trusted name in the documentation procurement industry for over 13 years and have ties to more than 800+ universities in verifying and sending credentials electronically within 24 hours.

How can I get Jammu University for Canada PR?

One all your documents are verified, your university will process your transcripts with a standard timeline within 25-30 working days, keep your ECA reference no intact and you are good to go.

Is Mark Sheets the same as Transcript?

No marksheets are scattered records of your documents, while transcripts are a consolidated marksheet holding all the records of your marksheets in a single format.

How can I verify my Jammu University degree online?

It cannot be done online and have to make multiple visits to the university for the same. You can directly reach out to Worldwide Transcripts and we will get the process done. 

Can we downloadJammu University degree certificates online?

No,Jammu University does not provide degree certificates online. You have to visit on your own or directly reach out to Worldwide Transcripts. 

Where should I get my transcripts shipped?

You can get your transcripts shipped directly from your university postal address.

How many sets of transcripts do I need?

You must order 3 sets of transcripts.
1st set you can send for Evaluation.
2nd for your university abroad.
3rd keep with yourself for your own personal records.

What is Educational Credential Assessment?

A ECA  report compares your academic achievements to benchmarks them in terms of their standards mostly applied in the United States or Canada. Institutions like schools, companies, licensing boards, or immigration authorities know your educational records by the information in this report.  

  1. “Jammu University” –
  2. “Educational Credentials Evaluators (ECE)” – 

  3. “Comparative Education Service (CES)” – 

  4. “International Qualification Assessment service (IQAS)”  – 

  5. Educational Perspectives (EP)” –

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